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CSS layouts, floats and HTML emails

You are comfortable with web technologies, but new to HTML emails? This article aims to save you a lot of hassle.

By | April 8th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Test your mailings!

  Before sending your email to an entire group, it is customary to test it thoroughly to avoid errors or omissions that you won’t be able to correct later. Here are some tips for what to test and how to do so effectively

By | March 27th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

How we made Cyberimpact models mobile-friendly with media queries

  A while ago Cyberimpact has adapted its email templates to make them compatible with mobile platforms. But how, exactly, does this work? For the techies among you, we reveal here our experts secrets!

By | March 20th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Understand your mailing’s statistics

  Your mailing sent, it is time to enjoy the results of your efforts and adjust to improve the next shot. Cyberimpact provides statistics on each of your mailings in order to help you get there.

By | February 24th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Your questions: attachments

  I want to send a file with my email. How can I do that?

By | January 30th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Design for email softwares

  Many constraints and specifications come into play when it comes to HTML email design. Email softwares are many and capricious, and it is difficult to predict how your email will appear in all conditions. We present here the main rules to put all the chances on your side.

By | January 6th, 2014|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Segmenting groups: divide to communicate

Why divide? Send the same thing to everyone may not be the best way to reap the benefits of your efforts.By putting all your contacts in the same group, you cannot distinguish your new members from those with whom you have done business, for example.

By | December 13th, 2013|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

Question: when is the best time to send my mailing?

This is a tricky question because the answer depends on your list, your industry and a plethora of factors. Here are a few tips that can help you decide the best moment for you to send it based on your situation.

By | November 28th, 2013|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

How to import members in Cyberimpact

Once you have created your Cyberimpact account, importing members is the fastest way to start sending emails. However, it is important to follow the steps and format in order for everything to go smoothly.

By | November 12th, 2013|Tips and tricks|0 Comments

HTML 101 – Part 3: Images

This article is part of a series on the use of HTML for email marketing. Today we will see how to control images.

By | October 30th, 2013|Tips and tricks|0 Comments