les femmes chez Cyberimpact

Discover the women who make a difference at Cyberimpact

On this International Women’s Day, Cyberimpact wanted to highlight the exemplary work of its female employees so that everyone could see how they make a real difference within our team. They each play a crucial role and bring a special touch to the work atmosphere.

They all have different experiences and backgrounds, but each one manages to shine in their own way within the Cyberimpact family. Discover their backgrounds.

Ariane De Beukelaer

Customer Success Team

Having graduated in March 2020 in International Hotel Management at the ITHQ, Ariane has been passionate about customer service since the age of 15. She loves taking care of people, advising them and making sure their experience surpasses their expectations. Ariane is the latest addition to the customer service team at Cyberimpact. She is a real breath of fresh air.

My greatest success since I started at Cyberimpact…

I am currently working on the idealization of our next models and that makes me proud, because I am able to combine my work with my more artistic and creative side.

How women are valued at Cyberimpact…  

I would like to underline all the attention we receive at Cyberimpact. They really have our well-being at heart and I’ve never seen a company more generous.

Marie-Ève Houde

Accounting Clerk

After starting her career in a production plant, Marie-Ève went back to school at the age of 35. She completed an AEC in computerized financial management in order to have a schedule that coincides with work and family. She has been working as an accounting clerk at Cyberimpact for over a year. Marie-Ève is in charge of the entire accounting cycle of the company and is also involved in human resources. She is a very talented multitasker and always gets the job done.

How women are valued at Cyberimpact…

There is no difference between men and women at Cyberimpact. In fact, there are more women than men working there! Everyone is on the same pedestal and all opinions are taken into consideration. Everyone is treated equally.

When I’m not working, I spend my time…

I’m all for nature and the outdoors. With my family, we love to spend our time outside. When I had my interview to work at Cyberimpact, we were preparing to leave for 2 months in Western Canada. I explained to them that I would be available only upon my return and they decided to hire me instead of hiring someone else who would be available sooner. I was able to leave with a clear head and not worry about finding a job when I came back.

Amy Levasseur

Client Success Team and Ambassador Program Coordinator

Amy has customer service in her blood! She had worked 4 years in a call center for a telecommunications company, was a stay-at-home mom, in addition to working as a dispatcher for a Quebec pool giant…but was always on the front line with customers. Amy has been part of the team for more than 5 years and she always brings a good mood to the team.

My mission at Cyberimpact is… 

I am part of the Customer Success Team and have been entrusted with the leadership of the Ambassador Program. The Customer Service team is a bit like the ”other related tasks” department. We wear many hats and we all have different strengths, so the team really complements each other well.

How women are valued at Cyberimpact…

I never felt that I was treated differently because I was a woman! We each have our place in all the meetings, we are frequently consulted on various subjects, and our opinions really count to colleagues in other departments as well as management. We did some pretty wild activities with the social club!

Edith Lambert

Client Success Team

Edith has worked as a nurse for 15 years. She had to reorient herself following an unfortunate car accident in 2014 that caused her to have a stroke which completely changed her life! She has been part of the Cyberimpact team since 2017. Her role within the Client Success team is to train new employees in the department. She is always up to speed and doesn’t let any detail slip out of her head.

My greatest success since I started at Cyberimpact…

Considering my stroke and its aftermath, I am very proud to have been able to re-enter the workforce in a company where there is a lot of flexibility, support and empathy! I am proud of all that I’ve learned and continue to learn on a daily basis. Helping people is rewarding!

How women are valued at Cyberimpact…

We are all treated equally within the team. Our opinion is important and they take it into account. We have a lot of flexibility on the work-family side, but it’s not because we’re women, it’s just the way it is for the whole team.

Marie-Ève Robert

Client Success Team Coordinator

With her training in nursing, Marie-Ève worked for about 3 years in a hospital environment in the emergency room. She loved her job; helping people, making a difference, that’s what she always wanted. But the work schedules did not suit her rhythm of life as a new mother. After years in the healthcare field, she decided to do a career program in office automation. When the program ended in 2012, she completed her internship at Cyber Generation (former name of Cyberimpact) and has been working there ever since. She is proud to have seen the company evolve and grow into what it is today and to have been able to contribute to it. She is a true machine of the organization!

My mission at Cyberimpact is…

I am the coordinator of the Customer Success Team. I really touch everything. In addition to managing support, I write tutorials for the FAQ, I participate in the E-Newsletter and in the creation of future developments.

When I’m not working, I spend my time…

I spend most of my time with my two children and play with them. Together we do crafts and sports. I read a lot and watch a bit of Netflix from time to time. I also listen to a lot of cooking videos. We do a lot of cooking together as a family. My specialties are sushi, spaghetti sauce and pudding chomeur. Otherwise, I like cycling a lot.

Hope you had as much fun getting to know them as we did!

It is in Cyberimpact’s values to set an example in terms of employment equity and equality. Despite what you might think, a Tech company is not always composed of a majority of men: more than 50% of the team is female!

“For me, the presence of women at Cyberimpact brings a lot to our family atmosphere. They clearly have attentions that the guys wouldn’t have, like the children’s Christmas, where the involvement is particularly feminine.”

– William, General Manger

Special mention to Suzie who does an extraordinary job every day. Happy International Women’s Day to all our employees and to all the women of the world!

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