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Image editing

Crop and adjust

Adjust the size of your images in no time with our simple and efficient cropping tool. Specify precise pixel measurements, apply a ratio to even out your photos, or just draw the area you want to keep and get rid of the extra pixels. A glitch? Roll back easily with the undo and redo functions.

Free Image Library : shoe

Assets & resources

Free Image Library

Use your own photos or choose from more than a million free images in our image library. Enhance your text with a diverse list of fonts. Add decorations with our shapes. Stand out by creating images that will truly catch the eye of your readers.

Always editable

Re-edit and reuse your images

All images created from our editor are editable as much as you like. Modify each element individually thanks to the layer system: add or remove shapes or images, change the texts, the colors… Even after you’ve closed everything, you can come back and resume editing your image where you left off.

Get inspired: our images are also editable

Out of ideas? Why not start from one of our compositions. You will find many editable images in our email templates. Add your products or adjust the text and you’re good to go!

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