How To Create a Re-Engagement Email Sequence To Win Back Inactive Subscribers

  As business owners we get it: Sometimes, people lose touch. They forget to open an email and before they know it they’ve completely forgotten that they subscribed to our email list in the first place. It happens a lot. In fact, according to Marketing Sherpa 75% of an email list on average is inactive. But as business owners we [...]

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Why Is a Welcome Email Series so Important?

  A welcome series is a collection of emails that is automatically sent at a predetermined frequency when someone subscribes to a mailing list. For example, if someone fills out a subscription form on your website, an email is sent immediately, then a series of other emails goes out every 5 days for 1 month. Or, after making a purchase, [...]

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What to Do When You Lack Inspiration to Write Content

  Like many other companies, Cyberimpact’s marketing strategy relies on the regular production of content. On social networks, in emails, and to rank high on Google, content is king! As many entrepreneurs and marketing pros do, I dedicate a lot of my time to content creation. Although it comes in many forms (articles, videos, infographics, etc.), written content remains a [...]

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How Can Local Retailers Use Email to Boost Their Sales

  If you own a retail business with a storefront, email marketing may not be of paramount concern to you. Yet, email can be one of the best ways of keeping in touch with your customers. The vast majority of consumers prefer email as a means of communicating with their favourite retailers. At Cyberimpact, several of our retail customers have [...]

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What Should I Include in My Newsletter?

  That's it, you've decided to do email marketing. You’ve created a few contact lists and categorized them based on language, type of client, gender, etc. But, like many others, you have no clue what to send. Content production is becoming a big challenge for many small businesses. Here are a few suggestions to help you get rid of that [...]

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Increase your emails’ open rate with a well-crafted preview text

  You invest a lot of time and effort in crafting your email campaigns so of course, you want as many contacts as possible to open and read your emails. That's why it's important to use all the tools at your disposal to maximize the open rate of your mailings. And one of these tools is the preview text. The [...]

More Than a Million Free Images for Your Emails!

  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But for a large number of Cyberimpact users, finding images that will support their message is a constant challenge. That's why we're pleased to announce that you now have access to more than a million, royalty free images right from your Cyberimpact account. You can use these images [...]

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Relationship marketing: 6 steps to building a relationship with your customers

  In early April, I spoke at a tourism industry event called Rendez-vous 2019 des festivals, événement et attractions touristiques du Québec. During this conference, I had the pleasure of talking about relationship marketing to a wide variety of company representatives who work in the tourism industry. The theme of my presentation was “Relationship marketing – building the relationship with your [...]

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How to embed a video directly into an email marketing campaign

  Have you ever wondered if it was possible to embed a video in an email? I'm talking about a video that your subscribers could watch directly in their inbox. Well, thanks to HTML 5, it's now possible! Watch the tutorial below to find out how to do this in a few steps with Cyberimpact and a video hosting service called Wistia.   [...]

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How to use marketing automation: some concrete examples

  You may have already heard of marketing automation. The topic is increasingly being discussed. So much so that I’ve identified it as one of the email marketing trends to look out for in 2019. You might be saying: “Sure, but how can marketing automation really help my business?” Well, I hope the concrete examples outlined in this article will [...]

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7 Tips for Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

  Valentine’s Day is looming fast and represents one of the key marketing periods for card makers, flower retailers, chocolatiers, weekend break sellers and a host of other industries that boom during the weeks around the romantic festival. Ensure your messages hit the spot with on-point marketing that encourages those little romantic touches. The stereotypical image of the busy man [...]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are You Ready?

  Like many retail companies, you're currently busy taking down Halloween decorations and spreading holiday cheer. But have you given Black Friday and Cyber Monday some thought? In 2018, Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26, are an excellent opportunity to promote your products and services online, making it the perfect time to put your email lists to good use, [...]

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A checklist to help you choose the right email marketing solution

  When it comes time to shop around for a new email marketing solution, doing research and taking the time to properly weigh out your options often doesn’t happen. In most cases, we simply opt for the cheapest solution to save money. We do this even though there are important aspects to consider when making this decision, and it shouldn’t [...]

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The Genius Idea of a Restaurateur to Get More Newsletter Subscribers!

Cyberimpact's best practices: fresh ideas to promote success! This series of posts explores & promotes email marketing best practices. Last weekend, my wife wanted to try the new breakfast place around the corner. I agreed without hesitation. Why wouldn’t I? After all, a brunch outing means no cooking pancakes and bacon, and the best part, no dishes. After taking my first [...]

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How Email and Automation Can Simplify Planning Events

  Think about your favourite time of the week, Thursday 11:00 pm: time with the guys, the weekly semi-competitive hockey game in the beer league. It’s the one night during the week when you get a free pass from family duties and let the good times roll. But, making this little moment of happiness happen isn’t always easy, especially when you’re [...]

Non-Profit Organizations & Email Marketing, FAQs

  After a casual conversation, waiting in line at the office coffee machine, it occured to me that our customer service team is receiving a lot of questions from non-profit organizations. Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions concerning non-profit organizations: Question: We’re a non-profit organization, does Canada’s Anti-Spam Law apply to us? Answer:   Absolutely, no business or organization [...]

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