7 Tips for Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

  Valentine’s Day is looming fast and represents one of the key marketing periods for card makers, flower retailers, chocolatiers, weekend break sellers and a host of other industries that boom during the weeks around the romantic festival. Ensure your messages hit the spot with on-point marketing that encourages those little romantic touches. The stereotypical image of the busy man [...]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are You Ready?

  Like many retail companies, you're currently busy taking down Halloween decorations and spreading holiday cheer. But have you given Black Friday and Cyber Monday some thought? In 2018, Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26, are an excellent opportunity to promote your products and services online, making it the perfect time to put your email lists to good use, [...]

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A checklist to help you choose the right email marketing solution

  When it comes time to shop around for a new email marketing solution, doing research and taking the time to properly weigh out your options often doesn’t happen. In most cases, we simply opt for the cheapest solution to save money. We do this even though there are important aspects to consider when making this decision, and it shouldn’t [...]

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The Genius Idea of a Restaurateur to Get More Newsletter Subscribers!

Cyberimpact's best practices: fresh ideas to promote success! This series of posts explores & promotes email marketing best practices. Last weekend, my wife wanted to try the new breakfast place around the corner. I agreed without hesitation. Why wouldn’t I? After all, a brunch outing means no cooking pancakes and bacon, and the best part, no dishes. After taking my first [...]

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How Email and Automation Can Simplify Planning Events

  Think about your favourite time of the week, Thursday 11:00 pm: time with the guys, the weekly semi-competitive hockey game in the beer league. It’s the one night during the week when you get a free pass from family duties and let the good times roll. But, making this little moment of happiness happen isn’t always easy, especially when you’re [...]

Non-Profit Organizations & Email Marketing, FAQs

  After a casual conversation, waiting in line at the office coffee machine, it occured to me that our customer service team is receiving a lot of questions from non-profit organizations. Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions concerning non-profit organizations: Question: We’re a non-profit organization, does Canada’s Anti-Spam Law apply to us? Answer:   Absolutely, no business or organization [...]

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5 emails a non-profit organization or charity should add to their communications strategy

  If you work at a non-profit organization your resources are very limited, which means your email marketing efforts are most likely not reaching their full potential. Here are 5 types of emails a non-profit organization should add to their roster to help boost results. The invite The newsletter The fundraising campaign The thank you The happy birthday 1.  The [...]

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Possible strike at Canada Post: Perhaps it’s time to switch to email?

  Canadians should know soon whether or not there will be a strike at Canada Post. For several days now, many companies and government bodies, including Canadian Passports, eBay and Hydro-Québec, have sent out various notices advising the public about a strike that could disrupt the shipment and reception of documents and parcels. "Apply for a passport in person at [...]

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What Can Our Mobile App Help You Achieve

  Communicating by email means more than simply sending newsletters and coupons. Here are a few concrete examples that will show you how to leverage our new mobile application by combining it with Cyberimpact to improve your email communication. A representative on the road Your representative is here, there, everywhere–covering his very vast territory. With our mobile application he can [...]

5 Tricks to Help You Write a Newsletter Like a Pro

  The way you write your newsletter will have a direct impact on your email marketing results. Here are 5 tricks that will help you while your fingers are diligently working away at the keyboard. 1. Choose an attractive subject line The subject line is the first thing your readers will see in their inbox. Through extensive research we’ve noticed [...]

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Why Government Agencies, Municipalities & Other Public Organizations Should Use Cyberimpact to Send Emails

  "Happy globalization’ doesn’t exist anymore. Since the 2007-2008 recession, trading barriers have spread across the globe and free trade agreements are becoming more and more rare. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump only reinforce this trend." - François Normand, Les Affaires, March 25, 2017 In the context of current global economy, when the time comes for your government [...]

Cyberimpact forms, now available on iPad and iPhone!

  Download the Cyberimpact app in the App Store now!   The Cyberimpact mobile app allows you to quickly create forms directly on your iPad or iPhone. In addition, people can fill out these forms on the same device so you can acquire contacts no matter where you are. This app is perfect for anyone interacting with their customers in person. For [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Foreign Solution to Send Emails in Canada

"Happy globalization’ doesn’t exist anymore. Since the 2007-2008 recession, trading barriers have spread across the globe and free trade agreements are becoming more and more rare. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump only reinforce this trend." - François Normand, Les Affaires, March 25, 2017 In the context of the current global economy, when the time comes to send your [...]

Tips to Avoid Spam Filters in Email Marketing

  One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is getting emails to make it to the recipient’s inbox. With spam filters becoming harder and harder to get through, it’s important to stay up-to-date on best practices. Spam filters use a “spam score” that is based on different criteria in order to detect unwanted and unsolicited emails. These criteria include [...]

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The Best & Worst from My Email Inbox (Tips & Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing)

  As a marketing professional, I’ve subscribed to a wide selection of email lists. Some of the emails I receive are excellent, but some have evidently landed in my junk folder for obvious reasons. I’ve decided to share with you a few samples from my inbox to show you what to do and what to avoid, so you can learn [...]

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5 Steps to Optimise Your Website for Mobile Search

  The use of smartphones and mobile technology has been on the rise for many years and is currently at an all-time high, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. More people than ever are using their smartphones for online browsing and searching, with over 52% of all online traffic coming from mobile devices. Google has recently updated [...]

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