Valérie Bourret

“Cyberimpact has been a revelation for me when CASL came into effect. Not only does it offer a way to simply manage my contacts consent, but it also allows me to create really nice looking newsletters easily!”

Valérie Bourret

Quality and Marketing Manager

Monique Howat

“Finally a company that knows who their clients are! I am delighted with everything about you especially the time you spent with me to explain what you do. Not one other company of the 8 I contacted did that. Bowing…”

Monique Howat

Keynote Speaker & Author

Lukasz Stachura

“Love working with Cyberimpact. It’s easy to create new templates and add new features to every mailing we do for the company. Constant development makes Cyberimpact one of the best email marketing software available on the market.”

Lukasz Stachura


“Compared to other platforms, Cyberimpact is very user-friendly.  Plus the application is 100%  bilingual, and the customer service is helpful and dynamic!”

Lana Pedneault
Social Media Consultant

“I generated $400 000 in sales on with my first newsletter.”

Benoît Cormier from Lead Management Group, explains how he recruited his first 16 manufacturing companies for his marketplace.


Emma Dunn Lingerie

“85% of our customers make purchases with the coupon Cyberimpact sends them automatically on their birthday.”

Emma Dunn

Lingerie Emma Logo

“My clients don’t know that I am still asleep when my emails leave at 6am.”

Brigitte Langevin explains how she increased her sales while saving time.


Jean-François Poirier Isovision

“- Easy to use
– No technical problems
– Very reliable
– Excellent service

Jean-François Poirier
Market Development Director

Logo Isovision

Martin Levert Musqulo Posturale

“I like how easy and simple it is to create newsletters”

Martin Levert
Founder and Owner

Logo Musqulo Posturale

Patrick Bricault Drainvac

“With Cyberimpact, sending our newsletters has become extremely easy to manage. The interface is very intuitive and nice to use.”

Patrick Bricault
Marketing design

Drainvac Logo

Lynn Maurais Action RH

“The product is very effective and provides us valuable statistics on the effectiveness of our newsletters.”

Lynn Maurais
Service Coordinator

Logo Action RH

André Limoges CDEJ

“I have rarely seen such an efficient and available customer service team. It confirms that Cyberimpact was the right choice.”

André Limoges
Promotion and Communication Officer


Marie Laberge Experte Conseil

“Easy to use, made in Quebec.”

Marie Laberge
Management Consultant

Logo Marie Laberge Experte Conseil en management

Fanny Larose SADC Antoine Labelle

“It’s a very easy and user-friendly tool. I tried several and this one is the BEST.”

Fanny Larose
Business Support Officer

Logo SADC Antoine Labelle

Boutique Anne Laurence

“Very user-friendly. Good price.”

Anne Boulet

Logo Boutique Anne Laurence

France Chartrand SEPC

“Cyberimpact is very open to our feedback and constantly looking for innovation..”

France Chartrand
Sales Coordinator 


“Wow! What an amazing service … very dynamic! Thank you for providing top service!”

Denis Archambault
President and Editor-in-Chief

Logo Educatout

“Thanks to your application we can manage the communications with our members more efficiently.”

Mélissa Fafard
Administrative Officer

“I will certainly keep using Cyberimpact’s services. Bravo again for your great work and product!”

Marcel Renaud
Artistic Director

Jocelyne Harvey Scenergeie

“We chose Cyberimpact because it’s made in Quebec and you give great service!”

Jocelyne Harvey
Associate Founder

Logo Scenergie

Jean Audet ACRA

“User friendly interface without the problems encountered with ***”

Jean Audet
Secretary, Treasurer and Coordinator