Grow sales and save time, Brigitte Langevin embraced the challenge

Brigitte Langevin

Business size: 1 person
Business type: Consulting
Results: Tens of hours saved and surprising growth in sales

Brigitte Langevin has been a speaker, author, and sleep education expert for the past 15 years. And like every successful expert, the lack of time is the main obstacle when it comes growing her business. With Cyberimpact, Mrs. Langevin has found a way to increase sales and brand awareness, while saving a considerable amount of time each month.

Mrs. Langevin’s sleep disorder started after 20 years of working in the municipal public sector. Her nights were filled with severe nightmares, and her days were weighed down by fatigue. That’s when, in an effort to find out what was happening to her, she decided to attend training sessions, as well as conduct research on sleep disorders.

Realizing that her problems may have been related to a lack of accomplishment in her professional life, she found her true purpose.  She would teach people to improve their quality of life through healthy sleep habits.

She decided to abandon the security of her career as a public servant in 2001 to start her Sleep Consulting business.

To increase her popularity and reach her potential customers, she started giving lectures and collecting the names and addresses of the attendees in order to build a mailing list.  Once she had collected enough addresses she and her daughter spent several evenings preparing envelopes and licking stamps for her mail campaigns. The hard work paid off as her clientele started growing. This would lead to her first book being published in 2003. Although changing people’s lives gave her great satisfaction, the long evenings preparing her mail campaigns were taking a toll on herself and her family.

“Mailing preparation was pretty painful but proven to be more effective than other marketing techniques .”

Brigitte Langevin in conference

In spite of trying various marketing tactics, from radio advertising to press releases, to restaurant placemats, nothing generated  as many results as direct mailings did.  Which required dozens of hours of arduous and repetitive work each month.

In 2004, Brigitte launched her first website and replaced her physical envelopes with email. However, she quickly learnt that her emails were being treated as spam by email providers. To get around this, she was forced to create a personalized email for each of her 1000 subscribers. Although she was avoiding the cost of envelopes and stamps, she was still spending her nights customizing mailings. The impact was severe – tendonitis in her wrist, and a failed relationship.

“Cyberimpact allows me to do in two hours what previously took me several evenings.”

It was during a conversation with Denis Archambault, founder of Educatout, that Brigitte heard about Cyberimpact, which Denis had been using for his company’s marketing efforts.

Skeptical at first, Brigitte quickly noticed the effectiveness of the platform. Gone are the long and tedious evenings of suffering. Each shipment takes less than an hour to prepare. Customization is automatic and looks even more professional than ever. When they receive her newsletter at 6 am, her subscribers do not suspect that Brigitte is sleeping quietly while Cyberimpact does the work automatically.

No more stress, no more evenings spent manually preparing newsletters. By choosing Cyberimpact, Brigitte Langevin was able to improve her own quality of life. Last spring, she even had the time to enjoy a Caribbean vacation with the love of her life! For the launch of her latest book, the e-mail campaign was prepared and planned in advance. Everything was done in her absence while she was resting on the beach, in the shade of a palm tree, from which she could track the sales of her new book.

All this time saved allows her to develop new ways to help even more people sleep better and thus improve their quality of life. She was able to publish a few more books (to date, 12 have been published) and develop 7 webinars. All this to reach her ultimate goal: to give at least one member of each family the necessary knowledge to either develop or renew good sleeping habits.

“Without Cyberimpact, I wouldn’t have had the same success, nor the same quality of life”

Today Brigitte would never consider trying another email marketing platform. During the redesign of her website, she had  sent out a newsletter with an American tool because she wanted to take advantage of being it free and already integrated with WordPress.  By doing so, she discovered that Cyberimpact was the way to go since they had solved a lot of issues this other platfrom hadn’t. She immediately returned to Cyberimpact, where most of her marketing activities remain.

Brigitte is still surprised that her newsletters continue to have an open rate of 40% and generate spontaneous orders. She is regularly moved by comments sent to her by her subscribers after they receive her newsletters, some even say that she has saved their lives. There is no better gift for someone who dedicates her life’s work to improving the lives of others.

If you are losing sleep over not having enough time to grow your business, Brigitte Langevin probably has several tips for you. The main one being to rely on Cyberimpact to increase your sales by reducing your effort.