Email Marketing for Nonprofits and Charities

Here are some free resources for nonprofit organizations and charities that want to use email marketing and automation to better communicate with their audience.

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The Email Marketing Platform for Canadian Organizations

Cyberimpact is an email marketing platform developed and supported in Canada by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to the success of local organizations.


Effective Email Automation For Not-For-Profit Organizations

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can use marketing automation to better communicate with your members, donors and other contacts while saving valuable time.


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If you work at a non-profit organization your resources are very limited. Here are 5 types of emails a non-profit should use to help boost results.

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Cyberimpact Can Help You Comply with the GDPR

Cyberimpact has the tools necessary to help you comply with the GDPR. Follow the recommendations here to take a step (or several) in the right direction! 

Non-Profit Organizations & Email Marketing, FAQs

Here we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions concerning non-profit organizations when it comes to email marketing. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Foreign Solution to Send Emails in Canada 

In the current global economy, when the time comes to send your next promotional email, you really need to think before clicking the send button. Here’s why.

Get more subscribers to your email newsletter: 5 examples of effective forms

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Why Email Marketing is Different in Canada

Using a Canadian based company ensures that you are sending emails within the Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL) guidelines.

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Email Templates for Nonprofits and Charities

Here are two email templates for nonprofits and charities. You can draw inspiration from them or use them directly in Cyberimpact!

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Demystifying Canada's Anti-Spam Law

Just like businesses, nonprofit organizations must comply with Canada's anti-spam legislation if they send commercial (promotional) emails. Here are some resources that will help you understand the ins and outs of this legislation.

A mini-site dedicated to Canada's anti-spam law

You will find the necessary information as well as concrete scenarios illustrated in video format.

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Key points to help you comply with CASL

We’ve summarized CASL’s main points in a simple printable checklist. Feel free to print or share it.

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Recent online trends demonstrate that email communication remains an essential tool for
success. Email marketing must be part of any nonprofit communication strategy.

An organization needs to be in control of this communication channel in order to maintain a
privileged relationship with its donors, benefactors and members. Whether you want to improve the loyalty of your donors, extend your reach to make yourself heard or raise more funds, email marketing will help you reach your goals.

Here is a short list of best practices you should implement in your organization to be
successful with your email communication strategy.

  1. Get in the habit of retrieving email addresses to build your email list in all the activities and communications you do 
  2. Remember to clean up your mailing lists and keep it updated
  3. Establish and respect your writing calendar 
  4. Be aware of your organization's tone and image 
  5. Think about using catchy subject lines 
  6. Make sure to offer useful content 
  7. Be concise 
  8. Think about social media shares

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Email marketing is for you too!


Why Should Nonprofits Use an Email Marketing Platform?