As a Canadian solution, we are proud to bill our customers in Canadian dollars.

Number of contacts Monthly price (in CAD)
250 FREE*
251 to 500 $10
501 to 1 000 $15
1 001 to 1 500 $20
1 501 to 2 000 $25
2 001 to 2 500 $30
2 501 to 5 000 $45
5 001 to 7 500 $65
7 501 to 10 000 $75
10 001 to 15 000 $100
more than 15 000 contact us

* If you have less than 250 contacts, you can use Cyberimpact for free. However, our marketing automation module is not included in the free plan. If you have fewer than 250 contacts and want to use marketing automation, it will cost you $10/month. Marketing automation is included in all paid plans.


How does pricing work?
Our plans are based on the number of contacts tied to your account. You can send unlimited emails to your contacts. For example, if you have 1200 contacts, and send them 3 emails throughout the month, your subscription will cost $20/month.

Can I modify my plan?
Your plan will automatically adjust when the number of contacts in your mailing list changes.

How often will I be billed?
Your credit card will be billed automatically every month on the anniversary date of your first invoice.

How can I stop my subscription?
You must notify us in writing at least one business day before the end of your billing period, We will then proceed with the deactivation your account.

Do you have email lists available?
No. Our clients import and manage their own lists. We never sell email lists. That is specified in our anti-spam policy.