Why include customer testimonials in your marketing arsenal

Customer testimonials on the web have emerged with the growing interest of marketers for social proof. Social proof, you say? This principle states that someone who is inconclusive on what to do or think, will tend to adopt the point of view or behavior of others. This phenomenon has intensified with the profound evolution of online consumer shopping habits. Think about your own habits; do you ever search for customer reviews on the web before hitting the buy button? The answer is most likely yes!

More than ever, customers and prospects are better informed about different products and services on the market and are constantly looking for elements of differentiation to make the best possible purchase decision. Faced with a multitude of products and incentives, making a choice can sometimes be a daunting task. Testimonials can help you stand out from the competition and they allow consumers to inform and confirm their purchasing decisions. Here are a few reasons why you should adopt them in your communication and marketing strategy.

1- Build trust and get a better conversion rate

Customer reviews help develop and strengthen the relationship of trust towards your company, a crucial step at the time of purchase. People who consult your customer testimonials will see that your brand is well known by consumers and they will be tempted to go and read your customer reviews to get a head start on your products or services. They allow you to convert your prospects into clients because they see that you are experts in the field. This is a key factor for your business and it allows you to increase your credibility, awareness and brand image. By including customer reviews on your website, it will improve your conversion rate. In this survey, it was shown that 94% of respondents would be more inclined to use a company’s services/products if they read positive reviews about it.

2- Address all your targets

From the prospect to the already acquired customer, reviews reassure the decision making process. They are an undeniable selling point for your prospects since they encourage them to trust your brand. The brakes on buying disappear and they feel confident in their decision to buy from you. For your existing customers, it reassures them in their decision to do business with your company and helps build loyalty. For hesitant customers, testimonials pique their curiosity and sow doubt in their minds, which leads them to think about your products and services and the possibility of buying them.

3- Promote the benefits of your product 

Testimonials give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, who offer the same type of products. The concentration of many similar businesses can confuse consumers when making a decision, especially if their selling points are similar to yours. Your current customers are in the best position to know what needs your products have met and what benefits they provide. It also helps to dispel doubts and demonstrate that your products or services solve a problem that others are facing.

4- Have an objective, credible and authentic source of information

Your customers are your best ambassadors and one of your best sales forces. Prospects want to see the real thing, so what better way to prove your brand’s credibility than with a testimonial from someone who has purchased your product or service? If possible, be sure to include the name and picture of the customer who left you a testimonial. This way, your entire target audience will be able to identify with the buyer and put a face to the person. You can also produce video interviews, case studies or surveys that you will publish on social networks and on your website to ensure great visibility and reach for your customer testimonials.

Before you jump in and introduce customer reviews to your marketing arsenal, you’ll need to collect some first. Contact your customers and ask them if they would be comfortable talking about you and your products and services. You can also use Cyberimpact to share outstanding customer testimonials in your newsletters. It is also a good way to gather them by encouraging your customers to share their comments and satisfaction. By publishing testimonials on your social networks, you encourage other customers to leave their reviews, because the more you get, the more new ones you will generate.

Looking for inspiration on how to present your customer testimonials? Check out our dedicated section to get some ideas. Videos, written testimonials, case studies, everything is there. 😉

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