5 email marketing trends that have marked 2020

The year 2020 has been quite a landmark year on several levels. The pandemic forced many companies to reinvent themselves and use new techniques to reach as many customers as possible. A rapid evolution in the relationship between businesses and consumers has begun and has caused email marketing to change in many ways.

While some companies already had well-established email marketing strategies, others had to quickly adapt and use new methods to survive. 
Pandemic or not, email marketing is an essential element of communication in any business to ensure its sustainability. Discover the email marketing trends that made their mark in 2020 and helped many businesses stay on course. To ensure the success of your business in 2021, why not implement them all?

Content marketing

Podcasts, videos, polls and GIFs in your newsletter … why not?

This year, many companies have had to diversify the content they share in their newsletters to attract more attention from consumers and stand out from the competition. Video content dominated the Web this year, which is why many newsletters relayed this kind of content. This had the effect of increasing subscriber engagement. Podcasts also appeared in newsletters. They can be useful to engage your customers and differentiate you from others. Storytelling is very popular with the public. Thanks to it, you can humanize your speech to more easily convey it to your target audience. 

The more interactive, varied and playful the newsletter is, the higher the interactions will be (clicks, opening). For example, using a spinning wheel, a scratch mystery or completing a survey to receive a discount are all ways to convert a prospect quickly since they can use it instantly. GIFs have also appeared in the newsletter strategies of several companies this year. They can be used to show the personality of your company and bring a fun side to your newsletter.

Every year around the Christmas holidays, Cyberimpact offers you a Holiday GIFs kit that you can use to illuminate your newsletters. We are pioneers in the field here at Cyberimpact. 😉

The WOW effect of titles

We are bombarded with emails on a regular basis. We rarely come across some that really capture our attention, that’s why it’s important to stand out right from the start to increase their opening rate.

The trend this year has been towards punchy titles. From the moment they see them in their email inbox, your clients won’t be able to stop themselves from opening your emails because your headlines are so intriguing.

To make sure they open them, prioritize the following:

  • Short titles 
  • Address the reader directly 
  • Ask a question
  • Use words that call-to-action 
  • Use emojis… sparingly

Let’s make it simple

Self-employed workers, coaches and other service businesses are using it more often. Simple emails, with less pictures and more texts, are quite popular.

The key to the success for this style of newsletter? Addressing the reader directly, as if he was the only recipient, and writing in everyday language. It is important to tell them an interesting and amusing story or slice of life, while making a link to the services offered. This is a very human approach that makes you want to continue reading, as if you were learning about something that happened to someone close to them. The goal? Create a strong relationship between your clients and your brand and show them that there are indeed humans behind it.

Play with the fonts and characteristics to give life to your text!

Data protection

Despite the fact that data protection is not a trend, it has still created a positive effect on contact lists. Of course, quality over quantity is preferred. Obtaining the consent of your prospects allows you to have a higher engagement rate. Those who receive your emails have truly chosen to receive them and are therefore more committed to your brand. 

With Cyberimpact, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam law! Thanks to exclusive features such as the consent block and automated reports, you will be assured of complying with the law.

The personalization of email marketing

In 2020, personalized marketing strategies have become very important. Mass marketing is slowly turning into personalized marketing. To unfold such a strategy, the customer must be put at the heart of communication and promotion actions. 

Personalized marketing also requires an effective email marketing strategy. Whether by sending a discount on your products on your customers’ birthdays or by sending them ideas of similar products to the ones they have already purchased, your customers will feel that an effort has been made to meet their needs in a personalized way. As personalization tools become more and more developed, this allows marketers to talk more closely to consumers: they can be addressed using their first names, their buying preferences, their favorite colors or their favorite meal. With our custom fields, you will be able to make your communications even more personalized.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us in terms of email marketing trends. This year, Cyberimpact remains your best ally for a successful email marketing strategy!

If you do not already use Cyberimpact for your email marketing, create your free account now!

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