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3 steps to grow your contact list using lead magnets

A contact list is a valuable asset for any business. It allows you to stay in touch with your customers, communicate with them and convey your brand image. 

However, it can be difficult to grow your contact list. You have to have a strategy because clients can be hesitant to give out their email addresses and information without the promise of something in return.

That’s why lead magnets can be a great little bonus helping you attract prospects and potential leads for your business.

See your contact list as a garden: If you want the fruits, you’ll have to take care of it. 🙂

Here are some tips and tricks you can use right now to integrate lead magnets into your strategy and extract new email addresses.

Step 1: Why use a lead magnet to grow your contact list

  • Aims to collect personal contact information 
  • Facilitates the conversion of hesitant prospects
  • Provides information about prospects to better target their needs
  • Interests prospects to attract them to your company 
  • Makes the potential customer think about buying
  • Establishes a relationship of trust between you and your prospects.

Step 2: What is a good lead magnet

It solves a real problem. Your lead magnet must offer a solution to a problem. If it doesn’t give your prospect something they really want, it won’t work. In short, it has to help them easily achieve something (a quick win).

It is super specific. It’s best to avoid creating something general. The more specific you are about the benefit of the magnet on your prospect, the easier you can convert them.  

It’s instantly accessible. Your lead magnet will work best if it’s something that can be used immediately. People love instant gratification and want to use their new acquisition quickly. 

It demonstrates your expertise. When someone consumes your lead magnet, it should demonstrate that you are true professionals in your field. This will reassure prospects and encourage them to do business with you.

It has a unique and high value. Obviously, your company is not the only one that uses lead magnets to get information about customers. So it’s crucial that you offer something unique that stands out from the crowd. A customer needs to be convinced that your company stands out from the competition.

It doesn’t show up directly in search engines. You need to provide personalized and unique lead magnets. If you don’t, the number of leads will be greatly reduced because the magnets will be freely available.

Step 3: Choose and create the right lead magnet

Lead magnets are the perfect opportunity for potential customers, who have never heard of your brand, to give you their email addresses in exchange for something valuable. Give them something with real added value like the examples we’ve provided below.

Use social media

Advertise on Facebook via a form. When creating an ad, select the “lead generation” objective. This allows you to collect email addresses directly through a form integrated in Facebook. The only problem: the email addresses remain in Facebook. To transfer them to your newsletter software, you can use the Zapier application and make the connection between the two. With Cyberimpact, it is possible and easy to import your email addresses collected on Facebook via Zapier.

To learn more on how to do it, click here.

Set up chatbots via Facebook Messenger. ManyChat and Chatfuel offer a tool (bot) that can automatically send a private message to all the people who comment under a Facebook post. This bot can also interact with your customers to give them technical support, advice, etc. You can configure it to do (almost) anything and thus collect more email addresses by offering them a personalized service. Don’t hesitate to ask your marketing specialist to implement this strategy.

Add incentives on your website

Highlight your newsletter sign-up. You can include a pop-up that appears when browsing your site or a subscription form on your home page. With our subscription form editor, you can create them quickly and easily and then integrate them into your site or publish them wherever you want. To make your subscription forms more powerful, click here to learn how. 

Looking for inspiration for effective subscription forms? Click here for more. 

Plus, every new subscription we collect is recorded in accordance with Canada’s anti-spam law. No need to worry, all your contacts are interested in your content and have chosen to subscribe to your newsletter 😉

Include a subscription form at the end of all your blog posts. Visitors to your site who read your blog posts are bound to be interested in your business and your content. They will be more likely to provide you with their email address.

Share content

Plan webinars. This method is very engaging for prospects, as in exchange for personal information, they can get free content and training on a topic they’re interested in.

Hold contests. When organizing your contests, you can redirect participants to the form you will have previously created with Cyberimpact so that they can enter their information and confirm their participation in the contest. E.g. Sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win…

Make pop-ups appear on your website. You can create a subscription form in Cyberimpact and integrate it as a pop-up on your website so that it’s easily visible. Great, isn’t it? E.g. Subscribe and get 15% off plus free shipping.

You can also convert visitors who were about to leave. E.g. Take advantage of a 20% discount before leaving.

Offer documents. E.g. Free Cyberimpact Ebook, white paper, PDF with tips or checklists, how-to guides, our best tips, etc.

Add a call to action at the time of purchase. Another easy way to get emails is to add the option to subscribe to the newsletter when purchasing a product or service. The checkbox can also ask if the person wants to receive emails, rather than directly asking to subscribe to the newsletter.

Sync your CRM with our API

Your contact list is already filled with valuable resources. Your customers are often your best ambassadors. To easily communicate with them and keep your list up to date, use our API to directly transfer contacts from your CRM to your Cyberimpact account. The API allows you to make an external system interact with Cyberimpact (for example: your Web site, a CRM, etc.) and to perform certain functions programmatically. Once the API is in place, you can, among other things, add, modify or unsubscribe contacts automatically. But be careful, this synchronization requires technical knowledge in programming 😉 

By offering high value-added content in exchange for contact information, you create a win-win relationship with your prospects. They get expert answers to their problems while you engage them in your conversion tunnel. Can you believe it?

Don’t forget one thing. To maximize the potential of collected emails, the number one rule is to produce very high quality content that has real added value. With this content, you can increase your engagement and conversion rates. Because at the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to convert leads into customers. 

However, once your contacts are collected, don’t forget to take care of them! To prevent them from falling into oblivion and unsubscribing from your newsletter, offer them personalized content. They will feel unique and they will see that you pay special attention to them. With our custom fields and new display formats, it’s now easier than ever to personalize your mailings with your contacts’ data. 

Looking for a good software to manage your contact lists and easily send your newsletters? Cyberimpact is the solution for you. Try it for free!

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