New templates for Valentine’s Day

We've added three new templates for Valentine's Day. You can find them in the pre-designed templates. Use them to declare your love to your customers!

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New on Cyberimpact: mobile-friendly templates

Recently we have been working hard to make our newsletter templates compatible with mobile platforms. Why? Nearly 40% of emails are now read on a smartphone or tablet. Source : Litmus – “Email Analytics” (September 2012) 82% of smartphone owners use their phones to read and send emails. Source: Google “The mobile movement” (April 2011) 70% of readers will delete emails without reading them if they don’t display properly on their mobile platform. Source: BlueHornet “Consumer Views of Email Marketing” (January 2012) […]

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Customize your marketing emails

Did you know that Cyberimpact gives you the ability to customize the marketing emails you send to your members? Here’s how. […]

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A spam filter proof email

Many customers wonder how to ensure that a newsletter sent to a customer will arrive in the inbox and not be marked as “junk”. A spam score is a result of a complex calculation used by spam filters in order to sort the good emails from the bad.  It is based on your emails content, amount of text verses images, number of recipients, the server’s reputation, and more. If the spam score exceeds a certain limit – which varies from one solution to another, the email is blocked and will not be received by the recipient, even if he is registered to your mailing list. Here are some tips to keep in mind to maximize your chances of reaching an inbox. […]

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A successful newsletter : La Bibliothèque Jean-Marc-Belzile

A successful newsletter Each time a mailing is sent from Cyberimpact, we receive a copy. This allows us to ensure that all emails are consistent with our policies (and thus maintain the good reputation of our servers) but also to admire your achievements and improve our application according to the use you make of it . We received several interesting newsletters since the launch of the new editor, which gave us the idea to share a few on this blog. Newsletter of the moment: La Bibliothèque Jean-Marc-Belzile […]

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Create your subscription form

A subscription form is a great tool to increase your mailing list. With Cyberimpact, easily generate and customize your form to help you build your audience. Here are the steps to follow. […]

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Emails : 10 statistics you should know

Even with today’s popular social networks, emails still remain as popular as ever and are a good value as a choice of marketing tool. Here are 10 statistics you should know on the subject. 94,2% In Quebec, the usage rate of emails is at 94.2% for small businesses of 20 to 99 employees. For businesses of 5 to 19 employees, [...]

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Cyberimpact gets a facelift.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Cyberimpact. Here are the main improvements: New and improved menu It’s now easier to access each page thanks to a drop-down menu that includes shortcuts to the principal actions. Simplified interface and switching to a 1024 format More screen space for more control. Simplified process for importing members [...]

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When your newsletter becomes spam

95% of all communications sent via the Internet are deemed to constitute spam. This statistic is disturbing and worthy of our consideration. This communication method, moreover, should be used judiciously, with due respect for e-marketing rules of conduct. Failure to do so could result in your newsletters being labelled as “spam” and your company dubbed a “spammer”. Here are a [...]

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