How to import members in Cyberimpact

Once you have created your Cyberimpact account, importing members is the fastest way to start sending emails. However, it is important to follow the steps and format in order for everything to go smoothly. […]

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HTML 101 – Part 3: Images

This article is part of a series on the use of HTML for email marketing. Today we will see how to control images. […]

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HTML 101 – HTML email – Part 2

This article is part of a series on the use of HTML for email marketing. Today we will see how to control text formatting and spacing. […]

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Innovate with our autoresponder for your email marketing!

The autoresponder Cyberimpact is proud to bring you its latest innovation: the autoresponder! It allows you to automate and better target your email marketing. Cyberimpact is always simpler and more profitable! […]

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New newsletter templates to celebrate customer birthdays!

Happy birthday newsletter templates! Cyberimpact offers you the possibility of using these striking newsletter models for your members’ birthdays. You will find these new templates in the Cyberimpact application. New templates for a new feature ! Additionally, these newsletter templates will allow you to fully enjoy our new Cyberimpact feature: the autoresponder. In fact, this week’s new feature allows you [...]

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HTML 101 – The code behind HTML emails – Part 1

This article is the first in a series on the use of HTML for emails marketing. Today we will see the basics and the syntax of HTML. […]

Why keep a maximum width of 600 pixels for HTML emails?

  There are plenty of services, software and platforms on which your HTML emails can be displayed. Screen resolution, UI constraints, user-resized windows are all factors that can affect the display. […]

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How to get Facebook and email marketing involved?

At the Email Summit 2013, Jay Baer gave a fascinating conference about the similarities between Facebook and email marketing. From this conference, we give you 10 tips to get Facebook and email marketing to work together efficiently. […]

Question: why is my list refused for importation?

There are mainly two reasons for this: You are trying Cyberimpact for free and your list contains more than 100 members. Your list contains many suspicious email addresses and we think they may have originated from a purchased list. It may happen that we approve manually import if we believe that the system is wrong. However, we do not allow [...]

Question: Why choose a Canadian emailing solution?

What are the benefits of using a Canadian rather than American solution to send my email marketing? […]

Mailing servers and reputation

We have said several times that Cyberimpact’s mailing servers are reputable. But what does that mean and what are the factors that make them so? […]

How to show your newsletter online?

A tip for offering an online newsletter to your customers Cyberimpact gives you the possibility to insert a link in your newsletter that leads to its online version. This link will then allow your readers, if they have trouble viewing your email, to read it in their browser. […]

About background images in HTML Email

Did you know that background images were not recommanded to use in HTML email? […]

The Difference Between an Email and a Newsletter

Classic situation: Jack, from the sales department, wants to send an important document for a quote before 3pm today. At the same exact time, Jane from marketing decides to send the latest promotional offers to her list of 350 contacts. Unfortunately, a complaint from one of these contacts quarantines all emails leaving the company: nothing goes in or out, total panic… […]

Do not buy mailing lists

You began doing email marketing recently and have heard about the possibility of buying mailing lists to which you can send your email communications. It is not that expensive and could get you started very quick, but is it a good idea? No. Not ever. Regardless of circumstances. Here’s why. […]

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Your questions: email and video

I want to send a video to my subscribers. Is it possible to do this with Cyberimpact? The answer: not directly. Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed a video directly into an email. Email software does not support iframes or the scripts needed to read these types of files. The most effective way to send your video to your [...]

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