What Should I Include in My Newsletter?


That’s it, you’ve decided to do email marketing. You’ve created a few contact lists and categorized them based on language, type of client, gender, etc.

But, like many others, you have no clue what to send. Content production is becoming a big challenge for many small businesses.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get rid of that pesky writer’s block.

Can you say, sale?

When a good deal is on the table and you make it easy to act on, it’s very effective. Whether it’s an exclusive discount coupon, a limited time in-store promotion, or any other special offer, a great bargain should be shared with customers.

Care instructions

Are there important conversations to be had about the products you sell? Consider offering a maintenance program or giving tips on proper maintenance procedures . You could put together a guide and share it with your customers by sending an email campaign. Take the opportunity to promote complementary products!

Company news & new arrivals

  • New options,
  • New products,
  • New services,
  • New certification,
  • New payment method,
  • New complementary service …

Basically, anything new that could be of interest to your subscribers.

Do your business hours fluctuate?

If so, tell your customers about it. Inform your clientele that the summer schedule is coming, or that your customer service department will be closed for the next statutory holiday.

Your activities calendar

Be sure to highlight your community involvement or mention the next industry trade show you’ll be attending. Are you giving a presentation, hosting a training, or a webinar? Mention it in your newsletter and invite your customers to join.

You can also inform them on what’s going on in your business on a more social level (team lunch, summer BBQ, office party, etc.).

Is your business nominated for an award?

The local Chamber of Commerce, your supplier, or a recent survey is singing your praises. Make sure to talk about it!

Feature creative stories

Did one of your customers find a creative way to use one of your products? Did someone send you an unusual photo? Did one of your employees photograph your mascot at the base of Niagara Falls on a trip? Take the opportunity to breathe life into your emails and tell stories that showcase your products.

Stimulate engagement

Ask your readers what kind of content they prefer. Invite them to visit your Facebook page or Instagram account.

Happy writing and good luck!

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