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How Welcome Emails Can Improve Customer Retention

When someone signs up for your mailing list, do you send them a welcome email? Many businesses fail to take advantage of this strategy. It can be the first step to greater customer loyalty and retention.

By giving you their email addresses, customers are giving you something extremely valuable: a direct line of communication with them. That connection has to be appreciated and well used. One of the best ways to get the ball rolling with new contacts on your list is by sending a welcome email (or sequence).

Learn what makes an efficient a welcoming email and how to set up your own using marketing automation.

What is a welcoming email?

It’s an automated message that is sent as soon as someone subscribes to your mailing list. It should begin by thanking the subscriber. You can then follow with many tactics:

  • Set expectations: Do a quick intro about the type of content they will receive and how often.
  • Keep it nice and short: Think about the most important points this new contact should know about your business. Don’t overdo with this first email. Remember that you can also turn it into a sequence so you have more room to share more about your business, values, products or services.
  • Give them what they signed up for: If this person joined your contact list through to a lead magnet, make sure you send it out on the first email. You can use the next emails in the sequence to share other important info.

How does marketing automation work?

By now you have probably realized that a marketing strategy is made out of several moving parts. One of the biggest struggles for marketers is maintaining several channels fed with quality content. That’s where marketing automation comes in.


How do I set up a welcome email?

An automated email sequence will keep sending your contacts the emails you created as long as they fit the criteria. For example, you can choose to send a message as soon as they sign up, then another one in two days, and the last one in five days. On your Cyberimpact dashboard, you can choose among pre-made scenarios to help you save time and effort during this process. Or you can also create your own.

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