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A welcome email helps strengthen the customer relationship.

When someone signs up for your mailing list, do you send them a welcome email? Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take advantage of this momentum. By providing you with their address and allowing you to communicate with them, customers are giving you something extremely valuable—access to their inbox. You should seize this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

What is a welcome email, exactly?
A welcome email is an automated message that is sent as soon as someone subscribes to your mailing list. It should begin by thanking the subscriber for allowing you to send them email communications. You may also want to set expectations, such as  describing the type of content you will be sending them (informative, promotional, etc.) and how often, for instance. If your business uses discount coupons, you might want to include one with your welcome message—it will stimulate the subscriber’s purchase experience with your company. In short, by signing up for your mailing list, subscribers are expressing their interest in your business, so it’s up to you to make the best of this opportunity!

How do I set up a welcome email?
When you use Cyberimpact’s marketing automation feature, you can create a scenario for new subscribers so they receive a welcome email—it’s that easy! To learn how, see our online help page.

A welcome email is just one of the automated strategies that you can use to forge stronger ties with your subscribers. In the coming months, we’ll share more ideas on automating processes and freeing up your time. Stay tuned!

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