What is the Role of Email Marketing in the Sales Process? (Infographic)

You have probably noticed that the web has completely changed consumer behaviour, and in turn, it has changed the way sales and marketing are executed.

Today, your clients are informed about your products and services before they even step foot in your store. A shift in your own consumer behaviour has probably solidified this observation. Just like your customers, you probably don’t walk into a store before doing some research.

With the evolution of the web, potential clients have access to a great deal of information about your industry. In this day and age, when prospects walk into a store or call a representative for information, or quote, they are already aware of what’s available on the market.

Consequently, marketing today is more important than ever. It now plays a crucial role in almost every step of the sales process. The infographic below breaks down the evolution of the sales process. It also explains what type of email marketing content should be sent at each step of the process for maximum impact.

The role of email marketing in the sales process - Infographic

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