The Genius Idea of a Restaurateur to Get More Newsletter Subscribers!

Genius Idea of a Restaurateur to Get More Newsletter Subscribers!

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Last weekend, my wife wanted to try the new breakfast place around the corner. I agreed without hesitation. Why wouldn’t I? After all, a brunch outing means no cooking pancakes and bacon, and the best part, no dishes.

After taking my first sip of orange juice, I noticed they were using a very creative best practice. The napkin holder consisted of a little piece of cardboard that was requesting certain information from customers and allowed the restaurant to collect:

  2. Their contact info;
  4. Their signature…

restaurant newsletter

Wow, talk about an excellent idea to inspire restaurateurs and entrepreneurs in the service or hospitality industries. Let’s admit that this is a great strategy to increase your list of email subscribers, while allowing you to collect your ever so precious implied consents.


  • Very original and well presented
  • Easy to fill out (although you can’t forget to leave a pen at their disposal)
  • Not expensive


  • Maybe too long to fill out (it may discourage them)
  • No QR code to easily access an online version with a Smartphone
  • No box to check to get an express consent to avoid going through an additional step at a later time

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