Reasons Why Public Organizations in Canada Are Using Cyberimpact

5 Reasons Why Public Organizations in Canada Are Using Cyberimpact

Although most Cyberimpact users are Canadian SMEs, we’ve recently noticed that many public organizations also use our email marketing solution to communicate with their members; government agencies, municipalities, public services such as libraries, and so on.

We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what motivated them to choose Cyberimpact over other solutions. Here’s what we found:

Data Hosted in Canada

All of our servers are located in Canada, in the Montreal area. For most public and government agencies this is crucial when choosing hosted software (SaaS). Sometimes, they are actually required by law to make sure their member’s data (personal information of an organization’s members, citizens, users, etc.) is saved on secure servers right here in Canada.

If organizations were to use an american platform for their email communication, their members’ personal information would be subject to the U.S. Patriot Act and other U.S. privacy laws, which differ from the Canadian laws. Personally, I prefer to have my personal data secure in Canada!

Send Emails in Both Official Languages

In Canada, most public organizations are required to communicate in both official languages. However, the majority of email marketing platforms have been designed solely in English.

When you use a platform other than Cyberimpact and you want to send a campaign in French, there will always be traces of English; at the bottom of the email, at the unsubscribe link or in the confirmation messages. It may be possible to translate everything, but you have to do it yourself, which is surprisingly long and complex.

With Cyberimpact, you can choose the language in which you want to send each campaign. This also applies to subscription forms. This makes it easier for organizations to communicate fully with their members in both official languages. Select “French” or “English” during the campaign process and voilà, your work is done.

Use Cyberimpact in French or English

Public organizations often have a bilingual workforce. Cyberimpact has a bilingual interface which means that an employee can use the tool in French while another person working in the same organization can use it in English.

In addition, customer support, online support, tutorials and blog posts are all available in both languages, which means that each person can use the interface and has access to help in the language of their choice.

Consent Management and CASL Compliance

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) has been in place for a few years now and, of course, it is essential that public organizations comply with all applicable legislations.

Cyberimpact is designed to cater to the Canadian market. Therefore, it’s designed to help you comply with CASL. For example, Cyberimpact helps in the management and documentation of consents, sends a monthly automated report of soon-to-be-expired consents, and has a smart consent request module that can be included in every campaign.

Many organizations have made the decision to use Cyberimpact based entirely on its consent management capabilities. Using the Cyberimpact features is much more efficient than managing all your consents with an Excel spreadsheet for example, which can get very tedious at times. Members simply confirm their consent by clicking on a link and all the necessary information is added to your account and hosted on our platform. No additional tools or actions required!

No Technical Knowledge Required

In addition, our users have claimed on many occasions that Cyberimpact is a very user-friendly tool. You don’t need any technical knowledge or graphic design experience to use it and send attractive and effective email campaigns.

This means that the communications department of an organization can be autonomous in using the platform, and will not have to solicit the help of the IT department. Not only will they be able to send emails, they will also be able to create subscription forms, create marketing automation scenarios and more. The simplicity is certainly one of the main reasons why many organizations choose Cyberimpact and never go back!

Some Examples of Organizations That Use Cyberimpact to Communicate With Their Members

  • A provincial network of public libraries
  • Several provincial ministries
  • Several municipalities and cities
  • Canadian government services
  • Several organizations linked to the representation of Quebec abroad

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