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Marketing Automation is Now Available to Cyberimpact Users

During the last few months, the Cyberimpact team has been working extremely hard to add a very important piece to the platform. Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new marketing automation module. If you’re a Cyberimpact user, this is excellent news for you. Read the article to find out why.

What is marketing automation?

Let’s break it down. The word automation means that something is done automatically, without continuous input from the operator. In our case, it would mean emails being sent automatically based on conditions, and triggers programmed for individual scenarios. In other words marketing automation helps you send the right content, to the right people at exactly the right time, with minimal effort. Once you have set your parameters for a certain scenario, everything is done automatically, without your input!

Would you like to send a series of welcome emails to people who subscribe to your email list? Do you want to send a greeting card to one of your contacts on their birthday? Would you like to obtain an express consent from a contact effortlessly? All of this is possible thanks to marketing automation.

Why did we decide to add this module to Cyberimpact?

We love making your lives easier! Since Cyberimpact is already extremely user-friendly, you’ll be able to set-up a scenario in just a few clicks.

Our goal is to help you be as successful as you can be, with little time invested. And that’s exactly why this tool is a must-have.

Making strategies used by large corporations available to small businesses is what motivates us at Cyberimpact. And that’s why marketing automation is now available to you!

Why is this good news for you?

Marketing automation scenarios are guaranteed to increase sales! Here are a few scenario ideas:

  • Send educational content to your prospects, pique their interest, and entice them to make a purchase, or to contact you.
  • Offer complementary products, or services to your clients to stimulate additional sales.
  • Send a rebate coupon automatically to someone who has clicked on a certain link in your newsletter, enticing them to act.

Marketing automation will save you tons of time. Imagine writing a series of 5 emails that every one of your subscribers will receive at different intervals.

These emails might contain crucial information about your industry, your business and your products, or services, so it’s important that your contacts receive them. With marketing automation you’ll be able to write those important emails only once, set your parameters, and in a few clicks, voilà! Everything is done without you actually having to press send every time.

Marketing automation will allow you to build customer loyalty, and maintain relationships with your subscribers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a greeting card the day of your contact’s birthday.
  • Reward your engaged readers by sending them a surprise (coupon, an exclusive offer, or a simple thank you) if  they’ve opened a certain email.

The sky’s the limit!

Marketing automation will make consent management easier, and obtaining consents from your contacts will be effortless. At first glance, this task seems daunting, nearly impossible to do. But not with the help of Cyberimpact. We have designed a marketing automation scenario that allows you to easily reach the contacts from whom you’d like to receive consent. (click here for more details on this scenario)

Learn how to setup a marketing automation scenario

Our tool already has ready-to-use scenario templates that we recommend as a starting point, which you can modify to your liking. You can also start from scratch, and build a custom scenario to address whatever need you may have.

Let’s look at how to create a scenario in Cyberimpact. Let’s say you want to send a series of emails to anyone who subcrsibes to your email list. Here are the steps:

How do you get started?

Login to your Cyberimpact account and click on the “Scenarios” tab.

If you don’t see this tab, and you would like to start using this module, please contact our customer support team.

If you’re not using Cyberimpact yet, create your free account, and program your first scenario today!

We are very excited to see what kind of scenario you’ll build!

Good luck!

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