Cyberimpact is proud to announce the nomination of Geoffrey Blanc as the General Manager

Terrebonne, June 19, 2023 – Khan Chau, partner at Oliva Capital and President at Cyberimpact, is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoffrey Blanc as General Manager. With a strong background in project management in the e-commerce and ERP fields, along with a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, Geoffrey brings valuable expertise to support the growth and strategic expansion of the company.

Geoffrey will be a major asset in this leadership role as he brings with him a wealth of experience and training in the technology sector and will be able to support the team and its ambitious projects for the Cyberimpact platform to continue evolving, said Khan Chau.

Among his notable achievements, we can highlight the deployment and marketing of a product for an association dedicated to project management, with over 650,000 members worldwide. His experience in project management and product development gives him a deep understanding of the market’s challenges and opportunities.

As General Manager, Geoffrey Blanc will be responsible for leading the Cyberimpact team and strengthening the company’s position in the Quebec market by enhancing internal processes while exploring new expansion opportunities across Canada. His experience in team management, coupled with his strategic vision, will enable him to propel the company to new heights.

“I am extremely excited to take on the role of General Manager at Cyberimpact, a well-established company with a talented and dynamic team,” said Geoffrey Blanc. “I am motivated by the opportunity to share my professional experiences to support the company’s growth and take our product to the next level.”

About Cyberimpact

Cyberimpact has helped thousands of businesses enhance their visibility and build customer loyalty through effective and innovative email marketing solutions, and is proud to welcome a new General Manager who aims to elevate the company to new heights.

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