New Cyberimpact Features June 2017

New Cyberimpact Features for June 2017

New Awesomeness in the Scenarios Section

In the “Scenarios” section of Cyberimpact, you will find a new trigger called Search criteria. Use this trigger to target members that meet specific criteria and then automate a series of actions.

We have used this trigger to create a scenario template called Express Consent Campaign – implied consent without an expiration date. As the name suggests, this scenario is used to convert implied consents without a specific expiration date into express consents.

Redesign of the Member Profile Page

We carried out a small redesign of the member profile page (active and orphan members). You can navigate through the “Details”, “Consent” and “History” tabs for more information about your member.

Improved Member History

We also improved your members history by adding information on mailings received, average open rate and average click rate.

Would you like to keep a copy of a member’s complete history including the details of his / her profile? It’s now possible. All you have to do is go to the member’s profile and click on the “Export History” button.

Good news! Even unsubscribed member profiles now have these options.

Automatic Backup

Finally, enjoy a safety net when creating your draft mailings. We’ve added the same automatic backup function that was already in function for templates.

Here you go! We hope these new features will make your experience with Cyberimpact even better. We look forward to hearing your comments.

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