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Email Template for Welcoming New Subscribers

When someone subscribes to your email list you should always welcome them. Why? Because people like to feel a sense of belonging. When they join a group or activity they like to know that that their presence is wanted and appreciated. So how do you make someone feel like they belong in the world of email marketing? It’s as simple as sending a welcome email, and here’s why it’s so important to do this.

The welcome email has a very high open rate, sometimes up to 90%! People are also very likely to click on the links included in this particular email. This is the very beginning of their relationship with you and your brand and they want to know more. Take advantage of the curiosity that comes along with this “honeymoon phase”.

The good news is that the welcome email can be 100% automated. You create the email, activate the process and voilà, every new subscriber will receive it.

If you are not currently sending a welcome email, you are missing out on the opportunity to make a solid first impression and most importantly create engagement.

To maximize the effectiveness of your welcome email, here are some things you should include:

  • Thank your subscribers for registering and welcome them.
  • If you had promised a gift (like an ebook for example), include the link to get to it.
  • Plant the seed and create excitement. Tell your subscribers what type of content they should expect to receive from you. For example, “you will receive our best tips and exclusive promotions”.
  • Manage their expectations by mentioning your email schedule. Tell them when they will be receiving emails from you and how frequent they will be. That way they will look forward to your emails instead of being annoyed by them.

We suggest that you use the template below to create your own welcome email. You can do this by creating a “Welcome email” automation scenario.

Our Suggested Welcome Email Template

Subject line: Thank you for subscribing to [insert name of your list or group]



Welcome and thank you for subscribing.

[Only include the next section if you had promised a “gift”, such as an ebook..]

As promised, here is the link to download the [insert name of your gift] that will help you to [insert what the gift will help your subscriber to accomplish].

Download now [include link to access / download]

Now that you’ve subscribed, you’ll be receiving our emails [insert the frequency, for example, once a week, twice a month, etc]. These emails will contain our most recent [insert content type, such as article or news]. You will also receive exclusive offers, promotions, and information on events.

The [insert name of your company] team is happy to have you on board. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can simply reply to our emails or contact me directly using the contact information below.

Thanks again!

[Insert your signature and contact information]

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