4 Angles of Communication to Favour During Confinement

What’s happening in Canada and all over the world is unprecedented. Businesses are forced to slow down. Many of them have temporarily ceased their activities and several have downsized their workforce in order to survive. The hope of returning to normal life, previously scheduled for mid-April has been squashed yet again, and governments are now speculating that things will start moving again sometime in May.

This news has generated a wave of hopelessness, concern and uncertainty for businesses (independent contractors, entrepreneurs, artisans, etc). Despite it all, communication is the key to staying relevant and limiting the impact of the crisis, but above all, it’s a way to ensure that you continue to exist.

The pandemic making headlines

Everyone is on their phones, tablets, computers and news related to COVID-19 is taking over our screens, especially on social media. It’s hard to stand out given the current media congestion. Our inboxes are full of messages from our favourite restaurants, florists, bakers, and clothing brands, etc…

So, have you thought about your digital marketing strategy?

In this blog post, I recommend different angles to help guide you with your next move:

1- Empathy – Stay in touch

First and foremost!

Worldwide, we are experiencing a difficult time. Employees, who were not laid off, are working remotely, meetings are done through video conferencing, social distancing is imposed on us and human contact is nonexistent. However, this is when being human and being kind is crucial. It is therefore essential to emphasize that “you are not alone in your loneliness” and that there is always a way to “keep in touch”. Communicating empathically marks your presence and allows you to remain fresh in your clients’ minds.

Example of empathic email subject lines:

  • Fighting COVID-19 together – Let us help you!
  • COVID-19 Bulletin: Things are better, when we stick together
  • Thinking of you

2- A push for solidarity – Shop local

Sure, the pandemic is a source of fear, but with it came touching gestures, unusual moments and signs of solidarity. Every business and citizen must do their part to help and contribute to the survival of the community. We have witnessed the birth of several movements including #thingswillgetbetter and numerous websites listing and promoting local businesses that are operating, Panier Bleu in Quebec, for example.

3- Innovate and adapt during a crisis

E-commerce has been on the rise in Canada since the start of the quarantine. So, being visible online is more important than ever.

Many entrepreneurs reacted quickly to develop their services and adapt to the crisis situation. The restaurants can’t accommodate customers, but they deliver. Fitness, dance and yoga teachers are offering real-time classes online and sometimes live on Facebook. Theatres are streaming shows to entertain you at home, and museums are offering virtual tours… There are countless examples, but you have to demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, and innovation in order to weather the storm.

4- Highlight your successes

For some, the light at the end of the tunnel is far away, but this is the perfect time to plan your recovery, the “post crisis” period. Take this opportunity to work on your narrative and your business’ value proposition in order to regain your clients’ trust.

Focus on your competitive advantages and on your successes. For example, post customer testimonials, email case studies, and post messages of hope on social media.

Make Cyberimpact your digital ally

I’ve presented 4 angles to help you write more compelling content. The expression weight of your words has never been more accurate. If you feel overwhelmed, know that our team is your ally for an optimal digital strategy. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Key takeaways

Try to put all sales messages on hold for now, since it is a delicate situation and money could be tight for some. Multiply the means of communication with your customers: publish on your social channels regularly, respond and react to comments on your pages, create publications that include links to your website, send an email to your list. In other words, use and optimize the tools at your disposal in a positive way and have confidence because, in the end, things will get better!

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