Why Opt for Cyberimpact’s PRO Plan?

Why you Should Opt for Cyberimpact’s PRO Plan?

Cyberimpact offers three plans to choose from making it easy to opt for a plan that’s right for  you.

The PRO plan is geared to users who want to access every feature Cyberimpact has to offer in order to maximize their email marketing.

We were happy to discover that many of our clients choose the PRO plan! Here are the main reasons why they do.

Cancel a mailing in-progress

With this plan, you can stop a mailing in-progress. This means that if you notice a mistake in your email after you send it, you can at least limit the damage. Needless to say, this feature is very popular!

Imagine you press send only to notice a few moments later that there is a typo in the text or that you mentioned the wrong date for an event. With the PRO plan you would be able to stop the mailing, correct the mistake and send the updated version to the rest of your contacts.

Remove the Cyberimpact logo

You can remove the mention “powered by” and the Cyberimpact logo in the footer of your emails. If you want to use Cyberimpact but you don’t necessarily want your receivers to know, this feature is for you! For some of our clients, public and municipal organizations, or marketing agencies for example, this little detail is very important.

Priority customer service

You probably already know about our excellent customer service. With the PRO plan, you have access to priority customer service, which means a shorter wait time (by chat).

Maximum delivery speed

Finally, with the PRO plan, you will benefit from maximum delivery speed, an attractive feature if you have a large number of contacts.

And let’s not forget all the other great features

Of course, the PRO plan also gives you access to all other Cyberimpact features; advanced features such as marketing automation and micro surveys.

Are you convinced? Connect to your account and upgrade your plan now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by chat, email or phone.

You’re not using Cyberimpact to send your promotional emails yet? Try it out for free!

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