Reinventing communications to thrive in times of crisis

With the announcement of a yet another lockdown, companies will still have to reinvent themselves to stay afloat. We know how stressful and worrisome a situation like this can be; which is why Cyberimpact offers you tips and tricks to optimize your communications and keep a solid link with your contacts even during these trying times. Here are a few examples of communication angles that could be useful to you. 

Empathy is key

The main goal of your emails is to probably inform your contacts of new products, promotions, or recent news from your company. But why not make it a bit more personal and reassure your subscribers? Your contacts will feel the extra effort made to make the tone more empathetic and they will feel that they aren’t alone. Compassion is always appreciated and will allow you to stand out of the crowd, this way your contacts will not forget you. Empathy is very important and often leads to solidarity. Local purchasing has experienced an extraordinary surge since the beginning of the pandemic and is more present than ever. By encouraging buying local, it allows local companies to get known and demonstrate their corporate values.

The subject of your emails

Pay attention to the subjects of your emails. The health crisis is omnipresent in the news and your contacts may not necessarily want to know that your next email is a Covid-19 Update. Again, people who read your emails will be happy to open them if a unifying and empathetic tone is used.

Showing off your good moves, a winning strategy

Highlight your achievements and showcase customer reviews that make your company shine. This is the time to stand out from your competitors and plan your recovery for when the crisis subsides. Use all the means at your disposal to ensure that you communicate well with your contacts and maintain a solid relationship with them throughout.

The use of humour

Humour may not be the best approach to use in your communications; however, when in good taste, it can make your subscribers smile and relax the atmosphere. Don’t forget,  your contacts want to feel that you are reassuring and unifying. 

Stay connected, it’s important! 

All companies have had to innovate some aspects of their business to survive since the beginning of the pandemic. Many have had to evolve their services, and since the health crisis can bring rapid change, reinventing themselves is now an everyday occurrence. Digital communications have become essential for all businesses, and seeing as it is one of the main ways to reach your contacts, it is crucial to maintain constant exchanges with them.

E-mail remains your best ally in times of crisis. This is why Cyberimpact offers simple ways to reach your objectives in terms of e-mail communications. We are here to advise and support you in your digital strategy. Contact us for any questions you may have.

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