Ready-to-Eat, Healthy, Affordable Meals for Everyone!

Who they are?

“Saveurs santé” offers home-cooked, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your door. The service is available across the province of Québec, and even in some regions of Ontario. You just have to order online! Thanks to them eating quality meals at a great price is possible for people who don’t have time to cook. Professionals of all ages, single or married, parents, and the elderly can benefit from this great service.

Their success with Cyberimpact…

“Everything is really easy with Cyberimpact. They have tons of templates to choose from. It works very well and their customer service is quick and efficient. We send about 8000 emails per month. The most interesting part is analysing the results. It helps us know what people, like and if the content was engaging. It gives us a good indication as to what they are interested in. Since we’ve been using Cyberimpact life is a lot easier!”

Their goal is to become present in each household in Quebec and Ontario. Which is why they have decided to use email marketing. They want to promote their exceptional, high-quality products, and reasonable pricing.

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