New Plans and New Features!

Christian explains what’s new with Cyberimpact plans update.

We’ve just released a major Cyberimpact update. This update introduces two new plans; the PLUS plan and the PRO plan.

The PLUS Plan

With this plan, you’ll have access to a brand new feature, micro-surveys, and as a bonus, your emails will be sent faster. We’re already working on other very interesting features that will only be available with the PLUS and the PRO plan.

The PRO Plan

This plan is for advanced users who want to maximize their email marketing. You’ll benefit from priority customer support and maximum sending speed. In addition, you can remove the Cyberimpact logo from your emails and even stop a mailing in progress.

See the details of the plans here…

Upgrade your subscription here…

New Features

In addition to the introduction of new plans, this update includes the release of new features. Here’s more information…

Micro surveys: Easily ask questions to your subscribers

With this feature, you can create single question surveys. It allows you to ask a multiple choice questions to your subscribers by including them in an email. You can then analyze the answers and the statistics in your Cyberimpact account. In addition, you can trigger marketing automation scenarios based on survey responses.

Example 1:

You’re organizing a networking event at your office and you want to invite your customers. You send an invitation email in which you include the following question; “Will you be present at the event? “. By consulting the statistics of your micro survey, you’ll know who answered “yes” and who answered “no”. If you wish, you could automatically send a confirmation email to those who answered “yes”.

Example 2:

Say you own a bike shop and you sell road bikes and mountain bikes. You’d like to segment your subscribers according to their preference between these two types of bike. So you send an email that includes the following question; “What cycling discipline do you practice? “. Depending on their response, you’ll be able to segment your subscribers into different groups and send more relevant and effective emails.

This feature is included in the PLUS and PRO plans, but all Cyberimpact users will have a 30-day trial. What will you ask your subscribers?

Emojis in email subject lines and body

When’s the last time an email subject made you smile? Emojis can have that effect. They are very useful to convey or underline an emotion. According to a recent report from Experian, 56% of businesses using emojis in their email subject line have had a higher open rate.

Emojis were already supported in Cyberimpact but since the update, you can easily add them in the subject line and text of your emails. All you have to do is select the ones you want from the vast choice that is offered to you. Watch out though, emojis can become quite addictive !

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