How to embed a video directly into an email marketing campaign

How to embed a video directly into an email marketing campaign with HTML

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to embed a video in an email? I’m talking about a video that your subscribers could watch directly in their inbox. Well, thanks to HTML 5, it’s now possible!

Watch the tutorial below to find out how to do this in a few steps with Cyberimpact and a video hosting service called Wistia.

The code to center your videos in Cyberimpact
<p style="text-align: center;"> Wistia code here </p>

Email software support of HTML5 videos
As mentioned in the video, not all your contacts will be able to view your video directly in their inbox. Most will see an image with a link to a web page where they can watch the video. It depends if their email software supports HTML5 or not.


Email Client Support, Email On Acid, August 2018

Despite all that, it’s still cool, it catches the eye and it will make you stand out! Want to try? You’re up.

If you’re not already using Cyberimpact and are looking for a simple and effective tool to manage your email marketing campaigns, create an account for free now.

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