Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are You Ready?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are You Ready?

Like many retail companies, you’re currently busy taking down Halloween decorations and spreading holiday cheer. But have you given Black Friday and Cyber Monday some thought?

In 2018, Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26, are an excellent opportunity to promote your products and services online, making it the perfect time to put your email lists to good use, by scheduling automated email scenarios.

Many bargain hunters are no longer waiting for Boxing Day to do their holiday shopping. E-commerce numbers continue to grow year after year, and it’s time for you to make your mark in this online shopping frenzy.

It’s a good idea to create a sense of urgency during this special offer. Make it clear that this event only happens on Black Friday or Cyber Monday; doing this promotes a call to action. For example, mention that the offer “Ends at Midnight.”

Here are a few easy-to-use and effective automated scenarios:

Create a scenario that announces a Blowout Sale, a can’t-miss exclusive offer:

  • 1st email: announce the date (week of November 12, don’t miss this)
  • 2nd email: tomorrow is the day to take advantage of our offer (Thursday 22 – and/or Sunday, Novembre 25)
  • 3rd email: the day of the event, today is the day to save big!
  • 4th email: Extended offer for Cyber Monday.

Some other ideas to explore:

  • Offer complementary products/services to your customers to generate new sales.
  • Automatically offer a discount coupon to someone who clicks on a particular link in your newsletter to convince them to take action.
  • Promote an exclusive offer to your most loyal customers only. For example: Thank you for being a loyal customer, enjoy this exclusive offer.

With Cyberimpact, it’s easy to create the aforementioned email scenarios. Upgrade your plan now to add automation to your campaigns.

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