5 reasons to adopt a Quebec newsletter software program

Several newsletter software programs are available on the market, but do they really meet your needs? We often base our research on price, but many other aspects are important to consider. We sometimes forget to consider local options, even though they are a good alternative to large multinationals. Here is a short guide that will give you good reasons to choose a local software for your email marketing.

1- A software developed by locals for locals

Cyberimpact was specially developed to meet the specific needs of Quebec businesses and organizations. The application is developed with the local market in mind and it meets the needs of our clients, who we know quite well. Some make suggestions, others send us their successful shots. One thing is certain: it is always inspiring to be close to our clients. In fact, we have produced a few case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and speed of results for clients who use Cyberimpact for their newsletter mailings.

2- Being better served

At Cyberimpact, our customer service is also local. It’s easy to reach us by phone or by chat and we will answer you in both French and English. No nightmare with technical support here. đŸ˜‰ Furthermore, our interface is bilingual and allows you to send emails in both languages. A FAQ, documentation, tutorials and a blog are available to provide you with in-depth information on topics that may concern you.

3- No more payments in USD!

Choosing a local solution means choosing a package paid in CAD. Invoicing in Canadian dollars avoids exchange rate fluctuations, a good deal compared to the US dollar or the Euro. Opting for a Canadian software package therefore allows you to save money and is advantageous for SMEs who want to avoid exchange rate surprises.

4- Compliance with Canadian Laws

With Cyberimpact, you are assured compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) which, since 2014, governs the distribution of commercial electronic messages and aims to eliminate fraudulent and/or dangerous emails. All of our data is hosted in Canada. Our mailings are sent from Canadian servers, which means that your newsletters have a higher rate of reception and opening. 

When your emails are sent from other parts of the world, they are more likely to be classified as spam. By hosting them in Canada, your data is better protected and safe. Moreover, the Cyberimpact system automatically classifies each of your subscribers according to the CASL to avoid unpleasant surprises. Each month, you also receive the list of contacts whose consent is about to expire. 

Cyberimpact differentiates itself by using Canada as an anchor point. You will no longer have to wonder whether your mailings comply with the law. Go to our section on the CASL to learn more.

5- Encouraging local purchasing

By encouraging a local company, you are making a gesture of solidarity towards our companies. Before thinking about companies from elsewhere, think about looking around you. Is there a Quebec alternative to the product or service you are looking for? Sometimes, the answer to this question requires research, but the economy and the people here will thank you. Encouraging local is important and is possible, even in the field of newsletters and email marketing! đŸ˜‰

Create a free account and discover why so many people turn to a Quebec newsletter company like Cyberimpact for their email marketing.

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