The purpose of marketing is to increase sales and communicate more efficiently with customers.

For many SMBs, it could be challenging to navigate between the numerous marketing tools available, such as social media, advertising, directories and public relations.

The good news is that experts recognize email marketing to be a very effective tool, and recommend that it be placed at the core of any good marketing strategy.


72% of consumers choose email correspondence, over any other means of commercial communication.

This is also true for the younger generations!

Although young adults from Generation Y are twice as likely to favor commercial communication via texting as the previous generations, they are ten times more likely to prefer email.

Respect their choices, it goes a long way.


Did you know that for 2 out of 3 companies, email marketing is their main source of income?

Email marketing is responsible for 23% of company revenues, a figure that is constantly increasing.

In the retail trade, 81% of consumers make additional purchases (online or in store) following a personalized promotional email.

For B2B, 46% of companies prefer email marketing for its ability to generate leads and better qualify them, while 32% appreciate the fact that it reduces the sales cycle and improves sales success rate.

Put email marketing to work.


A McKinsey study shows that email is 40 times more effective than social networks to attract customers.

The numbers speak for themselves:

When you post on Facebook, it is visible to only 6% of your followers and read by less than 1%. A promotional email, on the other hand, will be seen by more than 95% of recipients and will be read by 24% of them.

In Canada, 93% of Canadian adults subscribe to company newsletters. 44% of Canadian consumers buy after receiving a promotional email. That means 2 to 5 times more purchases were made after an email than following a Facebook post.

Take full advantage of free email marketing.


Every dollar invested in email marketing generates $44 of income, that’s a 44:1 return on investment (ROI). This makes email the most effective marketing tool. Twice as effective as Google or Facebook advertising.

According to The Relevance Group, 4 out of 5 businesses generate more revenue with email marketing than any other digital marketing activities combined.

Stop spending your money on advertisements and SEO, take full advantage of email marketing for free.


Most marketing tools are expensive and require skills that few SMEs have. It’s not the case with email marketing!

If you have the ability to email your clients, you can obtain results by using email marketing.

The simplest promotional emails are often the most effective. The challenge consists in putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and making sure the message you send is interesting and relevant to them.

Tell them about the new product you just received, promote an exclussive offer, or share interesting content that you found on the Internet.

The Cyberimpact approach is based on simplicity and support, allowing customers to reach their full potential.  Email marketing is easy to manage even without marketing skills.

With Cyberimpact, there’s no need to be a web or marketing expert to get results!


Low cost is one of the many benefits of email marketing. But for many small businesses, even a small expense can present high risk when unsure of the result. That’s why we offer a free account with no expiration date, and no commitments required.  Allowing you to build an effective risk-free email marketing strategy.

You can start slowly and improve your mailing efficiency at your own pace without spending money. When your strategy has attracted over 250 clients, you can then take advantage of our affordable packages to bring your growth to the next level.

Giving you a risk-free head start is our way of showing you that we want to be your partner in crime, not just a supplier.

Don’t wait any longer, place email marketing at the core of your strategy today!

Go ahead, use email marketing for free and lead your business to success.