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Collect information on each of your contacts and send them personalized emails that will get results.

Get to know your subscribers

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Subscribers data

Collect information on your contacts

Cyberimpact lets you create all the fields you need to store useful data on each of your contacts: the date of their last appointment, the total of their last purchase, their favorite fruit, etc. Use our many tools to import your own data, create online forms or contests and improve your contact list at the same time for maximum results.

Target your audience


Better target your audience

Using the tools at your disposal, filter your contacts with surgical precision. Want to send a personalized offer to a Montrealer who bought for more than $50 between August 1 and August 31? With Cyberimpact, it’s easy to sort your contacts depending on their interests and actions.

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Adapt your communications

With all this data, it’s easy to send personalized emails to your subscribers. Prepare a welcome email based on their preferences, follow up with customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, wish them happy birthday: it’s often these little touches that make all the difference in building customer loyalty.

Get inspired by our tools and create unique subscriber experiences

Subscription forms
Subscription forms
Personalized emails
Personalized emails
Automated marketing
Automated marketing


Watch this short video and discover how to get the most out of Cyberimpact’s custom fields.

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