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Online Marketer

When I'm not giving a webinar or optimizing an ad campaign, you can find me on the Jiu-jitsu mats or on my kayak!


Responsable du marketing numérique

Quand je ne suis pas en train de donner un webinaire ou d'optimiser une campagne de pub, vous me trouvez sur les tatamis de Jiu-Jitsu ou en kayak de rivière!

Reasons Why Public Organizations in Canada Are Using Cyberimpact

  Although most Cyberimpact users are Canadian SMEs, we’ve recently noticed that many public organizations also use our email marketing solution to communicate with their members; government agencies, municipalities, public services such as libraries, and so on. We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what motivated them to choose Cyberimpact over other […]

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12 Templates for Writing Great Emails

  You probably already know that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics. Actually, email is the main source of revenue for two out of three businesses, based on a recent study. That being said, the main challenge is often writing the emails themselves. It can be hard to find the inspiration […]

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Testimonial – Motos Daytona

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Email Templates for Introducing a Product or a Service to Your Subscribers

  You’ve probably manually sent numerous individual emails to promote your products or services. And you’ve most likely noticed that it’s time consuming. Every time you copy and paste the same text, and add the necessary attachments. Cyberimpact makes the automation of this task possible, saving you time and energy. As a bonus, you’ll get […]

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6 Email Templates to Sell a Product to Your Subscribers

  Sending an email containing a discount or coupon is the perfect way to promote your products; and it’s by far the most effective way of enticing your subscribers to take action. Another great way to boost sales is by instilling confidence using client testimonials or complimentary articles about your business from a reputable media […]

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3 Templates for Creating Effective Email Newsletters

  Whether you want to share your most recent blog post, news about your business, or what’s going on in your industry, sending a newsletter is the way to go. A newsletter is the best way to maintain communication with your subscribers. Being perceived as a reliable source of information will ensure that your company […]

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Email Template for Welcoming New Subscribers

  When someone subscribes to your email list you should always welcome them. Why? Because people like to feel a sense of belonging. When they join a group or activity they like to know that that their presence is wanted and appreciated. So how do you make someone feel like they belong in the world […]

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Grow Your Email Subscriber List Automatically With Cyberimpact and OptinMonster

  Would you like to grow your email subscriber list? The answer is probably yes! The more potential customers you attract on your email list, the more sales you’ll make later. In these videos, we’ll look at different strategies to turn website visitors into email subscribers. To do so, we’ll use a tool that we […]

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How to Integrate Cyberimpact With Other Apps and Software With Zapier

  In this video, we’ll see how you can integrate your Cyberimpact account with other apps and software, through a service called Zapier. For example, if you have online forms built with an external tool and you want people who fill out the forms to be added to a Cyberimpact group, this for you. If […]

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New Cyberimpact Features for June 2017

  New Awesomeness in the Scenarios Section In the “Scenarios” section of Cyberimpact, you will find a new trigger called Search criteria. Use this trigger to target members that meet specific criteria and then automate a series of actions. We have used this trigger to create a scenario template called Express Consent Campaign – implied consent […]

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