How an Email Sequence Can Increase Your Black Friday Sales and Get You More Traffic

This year, your business might have been affected by Covid, forcing several major transformations when it comes to the way it operates.

Some of you may have noticed that e-commerce has increased in popularity, due to the social distancing rules imposed by the health crisis.

And with good reason…

No more waiting in line at stores…

Traffic is now manageable.

Hours of operation and accessibility are in complete disarray, and some supercentres have already announced the cancellation of Black Friday in stores to respect social distancing rules.

While some stores are offering appointments to allow their customers to shop for merchandise, others are working hard to streamline their shipping and/or store pickup processes.

In the face of all these changes, online sales are exploding and email communication is no exception. In this time of social distancing, face-to-face contact is increasingly difficult, with no sign of it getting easier, any time soon.

November 27-30, 2020 are important dates for the retail industry: It’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. These two days have been added to the consumer’s calendar by our dear American neighbours, and are now considered the new Boxing Day.

To maximize your chances of success during this busy weekend, you need to be well prepared.

Have you thought about putting
an email sequence in place?

First, get yourself ready

At Cyberimpact, we suggest that you set up email sequences to inform your customers and subscribers. They will be strongly solicited and it is important, to achieve success, to clarify the following:


What products/services will you be offering? What will the benefits or discounts be?


On Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday? Before or after? Don’t hesitate to create intrigue about your offers. Your website, emails, and social media are great tools to create hype a few days or weeks leading up to the event.


Your customers want to know how and where they can purchase your products and services… Where can they shop: offer valid in-store and/or online? Is curb-side pickup available? Do you offer free shipping and/or express delivery within a specific area? Talk about it!


Are there any purchase conditions, and what is your return policy?

An email sequence in 4 parts

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can plan your email sequence.

Examples of effective sale, offer, or event announcements:


Email 1: Announce the arrival of Black Friday—Save the date —November 27 (this must be sent a few weeks ahead, so get moving, there’s no time to waste!)

  • Pique your customer’s interest! Which product or group of products is likely to have an impact?
  • Don’t forget to talk about your purchase options, reservation for pickup, delivery, etc.

Email 2: The event starts tomorrow, don’t miss it! (For Black Friday: send on Thursday, November 26 —For Cyber Monday: send on Sunday, November 29)

Email 3: The day of the event—Ready, set, shop! Don’t pass up these deals!

Email 4: The sale has been extended for Cyber Monday!

Take advantage of email to nurture the relationship

More than ever, email is your best ally to keep in touch with your customers and members. For a successful customer journey, don’t hesitate to check in with your leads every step of the way.

Other ideas to explore:

  • Offer complementary products/services to your customers in order to generate new sales.
  • Offer an automatic discount coupon to someone who has clicked a particular link in your newsletter, in an attempt to generate action. This can all be done with Cyberimpact: our automated marketing scenarios make it easy and effortless. 
  • Send an exclusive offer to your top buyers. For example: Thank you for being a loyal customer, enjoy 20% off your next purchase.
  • Purchase online, pick it up in-store.

With Cyberimpact, setting up these scenarios is easier than ever. Upgrade your plan now to add automation to your campaigns!

If you want to keep in touch, think Cyberimpact!

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