I want to send a file with my email. How can I do that?

Answer: by creating a link to the file

It is not possible to attach a file using Cyberimpact, for two excellent reasons :

It’s heavy

Therefore, it is bad for bandwidth (both for the sender and the receiver). Also, servers block messages that are heavier than a certain limit (which varies depending on the server).

We can’t know for sure the content of the file

For this reason, antivirus and spam filters tend to block attachments, or sometimes the full email.

How to link to a file

The most effective way to send your file to your members is to insert a link in your email to the file in question.

To do this, in Cyberimpact, click the button to insert a link. In the window that opens, click the “Send”. Then click the “Browse” button and select your file. Finish by clicking “Send to Server”.


The application will transfer the file to the web server and enter the correct address in the source link.

You could also host the file on your own server and link to it from your newsletter.

Can I put the link on an image?
Yes. Follow the same steps, but in the end, copy the address of the “URL” field. Click “Cancel” to close this window. Paste the link to the desired image. Don’t forget to put app.cyberimpact.com at the beginning of the link.

From here:


To here:


Do not forget to test your links before sending your email!

The Cyberimpact team