Classic situation: Jack, from the sales department, wants to send an important document for a quote before 3pm today. At the same exact time, Jane from marketing decides to send the latest promotional offers to her list of 350 contacts. Unfortunately, a complaint from one of these contacts quarantines all emails leaving the company: nothing goes in or out, total panic…

Look at the chart below to understand how Jack and Jane’s mailings circulate.

email newsletter

When all communications are sent from the same place, the chances of a mailing generating a complaint and block another increase dramatically…

But by sending newsletters from a service like Cyberimpact, the company’s outgoing emails are no longer affected by other broadcasts.

emails newsletters

An email is an expected communication

Emails seek to maintain a relationship with existing contacts, who expect to receive communications from you. For example:

  • By answering a question
  • To maintain a partnership
  • To transmit material or documentation

A newsletter is an unexpected communication

A newsletter is sent to subscribers of a mailing list that have agreed to receive:

  • Promotional offers
  • Information about your services and products
  • News about your company or business field

Outlook vs Cyberimpact

While it is appropriate to use your corporate email account to send emails, it is risky to do so for your newsletters. Cyberimpact has the expertise and the ressources to handle that task without being tercepted by spam filters and without the risk of blocking other emails essential to your business’s day-to-day.

Put all chances on your side!