What Can Our Mobile App Help You Achieve

What Can Our Mobile App Help You Achieve

Communicating by email means more than simply sending newsletters and coupons. Here are a few concrete examples that will show you how to leverage our new mobile application by combining it with Cyberimpact to improve your email communication.

A representative on the road

Your representative is here, there, everywhere–covering his very vast territory. With our mobile application he can collect email addresses on his phone to later send important documentation to help solidify the sale of your products or services.

A hockey team manager

It’s possible to send emails containing weekly information, practice schedules, and other important documentation to all of your players in a just few clicks with Cyberimpact. You can even program emails in advance.

The mobile application will help you quickly collect contact information from all the parents, without having to sift through hard-to-read hand-written forms. Their email address can be confirmed on the spot, saving you yet another step.

Once their contact is confirmed, our marketing automation module can be programed to immediately send an automatic welcome email containing all the documents to fill out, including a medical history chart and a useful cheat sheet for the start of the season (contact info for trainers, managers…).

Organize an in-store contest

Leave a tablet at the checkout counter:

  1. promote the contest to your clients;
  2. offer the possibility of subscribing to your email list as an incentive to receive news and exclusive offers;
  3. collect the email addresses to send complementary information, like an installation guide or a discount coupon for their next purchase.

During a convention, trade show, or conference

You have an exhibit at a trade show, you are giving a workshop to 15 potential clients… You can easily collect the email addresses of your main prospects and quickly follow up accordingly by creating a form with your mobile phone–all this in a just a few clicks.

Happy emailing!

P.S. You can find our iOS mobile app right here.

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