Your mailing sent, it is time to enjoy the results of your efforts and adjust to improve the next shot. Cyberimpact provides statistics on each of your mailings in order to help you get there.

General Statistics

These data are available on the main page of the “Statistics” section.


1. Total to date

These numbers let you know the health condition of your members list. Note that these show all groups and mailings combined, since the creation of your account!

2. Orphans

Check your orphan members regularly: since they are not associated with any group, they cannot receive your communications. You can access the full list and reassign them by clicking on the total.

3. Members Progression

This chart lets you know the number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions for a given period. This is interesting because it allows you to see when there is a massive increase or decrease in the number of your members, and it may help you determine why.

Delivery Statistics

These are available on the statistics page for a mailing. The colors used to display the percentages vary if the result is low (red), fair (yellow) or excellent (green), according to industry standards.


1. Emails Delivered

This shows how many emails arrived at their destination: total number of recipients minus technical problems and incorrect adresses. Be aware that incorrect adresses will be automatically removed from your list in order to minimize your delivery costs and to maintain our servers’ reputation.

2. Openings

Most email software do not display images by default : users have to click a link to get them. In each mailing, we insert a small image on which we place a code that let us know if it was shown or not. This is how we tell that the email has been opened. Of course, a member could read your email without displaying the images. This, thus, is a statistic to take with a grain of salt.

3. Clics

When Cyberimpact detects a link in your mailing, it rewrites it to point to a redirection page which saves the member’s data before sending him back to the original link destination. This invisible process allows you to know exactly who clicked on which link.

Groups and Links Statistics

These lists are shown on the statistics page for a mailing, under the delivery statistics graph, and can help you to go deeper in your analysis. Underlined numbers are clickable and give you access to the list of members for each information.

From there, it is easy to create, for example, a new group for all members who clicked on a particular link or opened a mailing.


Other options

Integration with Google Analytics

If you checked “Measure the traffic generated on your web site after your mailing” before sending it,  we added parameters to each link in your newsletter that allow you, in the Google Analytics tools, to find out what visitors to your site came from Cyberimpact.

*Please note that this information is available in your Google Analytics account and not in Cyberimpact.


By closely monitoring the performance of your items and the evolution of your membership base, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your communications and measure the difference.

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