The autoresponder

Cyberimpact is proud to bring you its latest innovation: the autoresponder!

It allows you to automate and better target your email marketing. Cyberimpact is always simpler and more profitable!

What is autoresponder?

It works the same as any other Cyberimpact emailing. But you can now send emails automatically to a list determined by events such as: birthdays, subscription anniversary dates, clicks on offers, etc. For these events, the autoresponder automatically sends a specific email based on preset rules. This way, you can automate your messages and target client segments according to these events.

Consumer loyalty and increase of average basket

You can optimize your mailings according to prospects’ interests and you can increase their purchase numbers or their average basket. The autoresponder allows you to increase consumer loyalty with customized messages sent at strategic times.

How to use autoresponder ?

This feature offers an infinite number of possibilities.

Here are a few examples :


You can first use the feature for birthday wishes to clients or for the anniversary of their subscription date. It is also a good way to increase subscription renewal rates.

You write a birthday message for specific dates on a mailing list. Knowing that you can create your mailing list as you wish, you can write a specific message for each mailing list according to the type of subscription or according to specific client profiles.

Messages according to clicks on offers

Additionally, you can create a list of messages to be sent according to the actions taken by message recipients. For example, if in your last newsletter, you had a link to an offer, you can create a response email targeted at people who have clicked on the link. And for each mailing, you can choose the perfect time at which you would like to send autoresponse emails.

Also, you can automatically respond to all the recipients who haven’t opened your sent email.

Creating mailing lists according to mailing actions allows you to design specific segments for each target clientele.

Your first mailing with autoresponder

Cyberimpact has tried as much as possible to simplify your use of this new feature. You will find a video in your account designed to help you follow the procedure. Also, creating mails for the autoresponder feature is as intuitive as can be. For example, a screen will appear before final validation allowing you to visualize the message, the date and mailing rules. As a reminder, prices remain the same as any other mailing, nothing about your subscription as changed.

We are always available to answer your questions by email or by telephone. You can also share information about your experience with the autoresponder on our Facebook page, and also share with other Cyberimpact users.

Happy discovery and see you very soon!