Before sending your email to an entire group, it is customary to test it thoroughly to avoid errors or omissions that you won’t be able to correct later. Here are some tips for what to test and how to do so effectively

1. Create a test group

It will be easier and faster for you to have always it at hand. In this group, try to have as much addresses as you can from various email software.

For example: your work address (Outlook and iPhone), a hotmail address and / or gmail address and a colleague or collaborator who could help you detect potential errors.

A group containing 3 or 4 test addresses will cost you almost nothing in credits and you will be absolutely certain that your email is impeccable before sending to your 650 members.

2. Use a model which has been tested it in several software

The visual rendering of an email can change from one program to another. By creating a model that you test thoroughly before first use, you will save time because once it is created and tested, there is nothing more to do than changing the content each time you prepare a new mailing.

3. Do a real mailing to your test group

If your email is ready to go, send to your test group first. First, if you customized your email, the variables won’t be replaced if you only use the test feature and you won’t be able to confirm that each of them works. Secondly, the links are encoded at the moment a mailing is sent (in order to obtain statistics), so you will need to test them too.

The preview in browser and test feature are useful tools during the design, but only a real mailing can allow you to see exactly what your members will receive.

4. Double-check the content and links before each mailing

Proofread and click on each link to ensure that it leads where it should. Make sure you have removed all filler content (the infamous “Lorem Ipsum”!).

Do not forget to provide a text only version and update the subject of your mailing so its message is clear and encourages your members to open it.

The last word

Ready to send? These tips can greatly improve the quality of your emails and result in better statistics. You will also find that the more you test your mailings, the more efficient you become.

The Cyberimpact team