Why divide?

Send the same thing to everyone may not be the best way to reap the benefits of your efforts.By putting all your contacts in the same group, you cannot distinguish your new members from those with whom you have done business, for example.

Furthermore, if each member receives emails that are more relevant to his own interests, the risk of him being bored and unsubscribing goes down.

It may be interesting to create groups for:

  • Sending a discovery offer to new members
  • Propose something to members who have already benefited from a previous offer
  • Try a new approach with members who did not open your last mailing
  • Send an email to members who cliqued on a specific link
  • Wish happy birthday to your members
  • and many more…

In fact, creating groups makes it easier for you to establish a relationship with each of your members according to their level of interest and the information you dispose.

How segmenting?

First, remember that you can create as many groups as you want. You can also put a member in several groups.

Note: it is a good practice to keep intact the list of all your subscriptions, but use it only if it is absolutely essential to contact all your members at once.

Here’s how to create a group from new subscriptions:

  1. In the « Members > Active members » page, click on « Advanced search ».
  2. In the « Subscription date » field, restrict results to the last month then click « Search ».

segmentation marketing

You can now select all members found by clicking the checkbox above the results table and then click “Add to Group” to add them to an existing group or create a new one from the selected entries.

segmentation cyberimpact

You can also create a group from a statistic:

  1. In the « Mailings > Previous Mailings » page, click on the pie chart icon next to a mailing to access its statistics.
  2. To create a group from members who opened the mailing, click on the « Who opened it? » button under the delivery progress bar.
  3. To create a group from members who cliqued a specific link, at the bottom of the page, click on the number underlined in the « Members who clicked » column of the « Links statistics » table.

segmenting marketing cyberimpact

Proceed the same way as described above to select members and create your new group.


Now when you send your mailings, you can select these groups to better define the members who will receive your communications.

Bonus: by going into “Groups > My Groups” and clicking on the name of a group in the table, you can quickly see the number of members, mailings and average open rate for this group.

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And do not forget: if some groups open or click less, it does not mean that you have to stop sending them any communication, but maybe try new approaches with these members.