What are the benefits of using a Canadian rather than American solution to send my email marketing?


There are several advantages to using a Canadian emailing solution and they deserve to be well explained. Here are the most important.

1. To comply with Canada’s anti-spam law

Using a Canadian solution like Cyberimpact should provide the mechanisms needed to comply with the anti-spam Bill c-28 which will come into force shortly.

This federal law provides heavy fines for companies that have not obtained the express consent of their recipients, who do not identify themselves properly or do not provide an unsubscribe link.

If you use a foreign solution, you should make sure you can fulfill the required conditions.

More about Bill C-28

2. Not be subject to the Patriot Act

This act was passed in the United States to facilitate and give more power to the fight against terrorism following the attacks of 11 September 2001. It allows, among others, the government to consult at almost any time the data hosted on its territory (your members lists, your previous mailings, etc.).

Of course, these provisions are not applied arbitrarily but if your privacy is important to you, know that your data may not be as private as you would wish.

No need to worry about this with Cyberimpact: your information is yours and we are committed to use only what is absolutely necessary for us to provide the service.

3. Promote local development

We talk about it a lot in the field of retail, but buying local is a good habit when it comes to services as well. It promotes the creation and development of jobs here in Canada, it revitalizes our economy, etc.

Another advantage of buying local? The customer service. At Cyberimpact, you can get in contact directly with our technical support team in English or in French, by chat, email or telephone. It’s easy to join us and you are assured to get an answer.

4. It’s good for the reception rate

Some servers may discriminate emails received from other countries. If your recipients are in Canada, sending from Canadian servers will save you the hassle.

Hoping this information answers your questions!


The Cyberimpact team