Recently we have been working hard to make our newsletter templates compatible with mobile platforms.


Nearly 40% of emails are now read on a smartphone or tablet.
Source : Litmus – “Email Analytics” (September 2012)

82% of smartphone owners use their phones to read and send emails.
Source: Google “The mobile movement” (April 2011)

70% of readers will delete emails without reading them if they don’t display properly on their mobile platform.
Source: MILL for business “Mobile Marketing Statistics” (May 2018)

The use of mobile platforms for reading and sending emails will only increase and therefore is here to stay. That is why we find it important for you to effectively reach your members no matter where they are.

What changed?

We updated all of the pre-designed templates, as well as those built using the regular editor.

Warning: these changes do not apply to templates created in expert mode or saved before the update.

What platforms are supported

Theoretically, all those that support media queries1.

More specifically, we tested our changes on iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and 5, iPad and Android 4.0, which represent more than 90% of mobile users.

1. What are media queries?

It is a technology that can rearrange and resize content according to the available screen size so that an email is not truncated (layout which does not appear in full and/or scrollbars in both directions) or resized and difficult to read.

Here is an example of an email before and after the use of media queries:

newsletter template mobile

About Blackberry

Unfortunately, because of the many differences between the various versions of the operating system and the very limited HTML support for emails, we can not ensure compatibility for these platforms. If they represent a large percentage of your readers, we suggest you use a layout as simple as possible and provide a text version of your message.


We hope you enjoy this new feature and will be happy to hear your feedback!