Driving success forward: Say hello to our new Director of Business Development and Customer Success

The Cyberimpact team enthusiastically welcomes a new addition to its leadership team: Sophia Garneau, an experienced professional in the sales and customer relations field. With her diverse experience and strong leadership, Sophia is poised to play a crucial role in Cyberimpact’s development and expansion.

A graduate of Laval University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an international profile, she began her career by actively participating in an international business mission focused on IT recruitment. This mission allowed her to master crucial skills such as market analysis, recruitment, and global prospecting, laying the foundation for her expertise in sales and business development.

Sophia also brings several years of experience as a sales representative and sales director in various SaaS companies. During this time, her mission was to capture new market shares, transitioning from Quebec to Germany. Her ability to fearlessly venture into new markets and effectively promote a brand has been remarkable. It is for these reasons that we believe Sophia will bring valuable expertise to Cyberimpact in its growth journey.

“Sophia’s addition embodies the perfect fusion of talent and determination. Her infectious energy and unwavering resolve will drive our future growth, propelling our company to new heights of success. We have grand ambitions, and she will undoubtedly be at the heart of them.” Geoffrey Blanc, CEO at Cyberimpact.

A Vision Aligned with Success

Sophia Garneau explains her passion for the sales field by highlighting her constant pursuit of challenges and goals. Her attraction to social interactions and her talent for persuading others are key elements of her success. Her strategic vision extends beyond mere transactions, seeking to identify opportunities and shape strategies for sustained growth.

Cyberimpact: A Clear Choice

Sophia’s decision to join the Cyberimpact team stems from a deep alignment of values and goals. Drawn to the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and its success in email marketing, Sophia sees tremendous potential for even greater growth in Cyberimpact.

Welcome to the Team!

Sophia’s arrival at Cyberimpact as Director of Business Development and Customer Success marks a significant milestone for the company and the clients it serves. Her expertise, vision, and commitment make her an ideal director to lead sales to new heights and achieve Cyberimpact’s ambitious growth aspirations.

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