Co-founder – Chief of Sales and Partnerships

A sports enthusiast since early childhood, Jean-Francis became a provincial tennis champion in 1991, before heading to Lynn University, Florida, to study marketing. He returned to Quebec in 1995 to study urban planning at UQAM, where he was the first student to use a website as a means to present his final Bachelor’s degree project.

In 1997, he launched Cyber Generation, a web agency that relies on innovation to meet the diversified needs of its customers. Its versatility was able to meet the needs of small local businesses, large Canadian and American companies, as well as celebrities such as Georges St-Pierre, Serena Williams, Louis-Josée Houde.

In 1999, Cyber Generation merged with “Complice Interactif” , a similar web company started by Stephan Lestage.

Jean-Francis is in charge of sales and strategic partnerships, a responsibility that maximises his talents as a negotiator and his sensibility to the needs of others.


Co-founder – Product/Finance Manager

Fascinated by computer science and advertising since childhood, Stephan studied communications at UQAM.

In 1998, he left university to start “Complice Interactif”, a web marketing agency for which he received the “Raymond-Blais” prize from Desjardins and became a provincial finalist for the “Entrepreneur à tout age” contest. He has had many illustrious clients, notably Radio-Canada. In 1999, he merged his agency with Cyber Generation, a similar company founded by Jean-Francis Lalonde.

Stephan is in charge of product management, where his creativity and attention to detail have found a natural home. His diligence and work ethic are also invaluable tools for the successful management of the company’s finances.