Name: LeManufacturier.com
Size: 1 person
Business Type: B2B
Results: Recruited 16 companies and made $400,000 in sales

Benoît Cormier, a specialist within the Quebec manufacturing industry, had a vision.  This vision gave him the inspiration to build the first Quebec based manufacturing marketplace. But how did he do it? How did he launch a marketplace with no prospective traders? The answer for Benoît was simple; by combining Cyberimpact and his contact list, he recruited his first 16 companies and generated $400 000 in sales with a single newsletter.

Benoît Cormier has devoted his entire career to helping manufacturing companies increase their performance. In 2011, with his completed degree in industrial engineering, and a few years of experience as a consultant, he founded the Lead Management Group.  A company that supports leaders in productivity management.  His “Management Excellence GPS” model has not only enabled him to help over 1,000 managers to better perform, it has also generated steady growth for his own company. Despite all the success, Benoît refused to rest.  He wanted to take it even further!

During client visits, he had noticed that factory floors were often cluttered with machinery and materials that were no longer being used.  What a waste for something so valuable, that could certainly be recycled and put to good use somewhere else. In 2015, this observation lead to the creation of LeManufacturier.com – an online marketplace for manufacturing companies.

This was an ingenious idea, but even though the demand was there, Benoît was faced with the typical dilemma most budding online marketplaces face.  Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

In other words, there must be a critical mass of participants to create interest.  But how do you get people interested if you don’t have participants?  A real vicious cycle that has killed many online marketplaces throughout internet history.

Since this was a web based problem, Benoît realized that email marketing could be the solution he was looking for. However, in the past, Benoît had conducted several email marketing campaigns using two reputable US-based solutions – AdWeber and Active Campaign. Sadly, creating newsletters from those particular platforms had proven to be very time consuming, and the campaigns had yielded very poor results.  Naturally, Benoît abandoned that approach.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of Cyberimpact, because in the past I had been very disappointed by email platforms.”

Then Benoît heard about Cyberimpact, an email marketing platform designed for small businesses. Benoît realized that a solution created by a Canadian company would be more adept to understanding his needs.

He decided to give Cyberimpact a shot.  He created an account, and with Cyberimpact’s consent manager, was able to import his contacts in accordance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.  Less than an hour later, he clicked send, and his very first newsletter informing customers of his new online marketplace was delivered successfully.

“Cyberimpact allowed me to focus on the content of my newsletter, and achieve unexpected success during my very first campaign.”

Within 24 hours, more than 40% of the recipients had read Benoît’s message and he was able to recruit 16 companies into his marketplace, allowing them to make $400,000 from selling their used, bulky machines.

LeManufacturier.com broke the vicious cycle with a bang. This first success led to many others. Benoît continues to use Cyberimpact to promote LeManufacturier.com‘s new ventures.  Initiatives such as the one that allowed his network to get rid of several tons of tungsten carbide residue, in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in return.

“I don’t have to be a marketing professional to perform well, and that’s what I like about Cyberimpact.”

Benoît Cormier no longer just offers consulting services for managers on a one-on-one basis; he is now a technology entrepreneur who positively impacts hundreds of manufacturing companies.

Benoît is determined to make LeManufacturier.com the trading platform that unites all of Quebec’s manufacturing industry.  To accomplish this, he relies on his passion, his never ending desire to learn and, above all, his capacity to continue being an innovative trail blazer.

One thing is for sure:  email marketing and Cyberimpact will always be part of his core strategy.  Specially since four months after sending his first message, Benoît Cormier continues to receive opportunities from new companies. Who said that email marketing was a short-term strategy?