A tip for offering an online newsletter to your customers

Cyberimpact gives you the possibility to insert a link in your newsletter that leads to its online version. This link will then allow your readers, if they have trouble viewing your email, to read it in their browser.

How to do it in three easy steps!

  1. When editing your newsletter template, add a line of text where you want the link to appear (e.g. View this email in your browser)
  2. Select this text and click on the button to add a link.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter the following code in the URL field:
    (make sure to include the double underscore at the beginning and at the end and make sure to respect the capital letters).

It is a variable that will be replaced when the newsletter is sent. If you want to test it, send yourself a mailing (note that the variable is not replaced with the « Test your mailing » feature, but only with real mailings).

More ideas

If you follow the link to the online version, you can easily “save page as” and upload it to your own website.

Create archives of your previous emails, make them available for preview on your subscription form to entice your visitors to sign up or use an online tool convert them in pdf.

Soon for more tips and tricks!