Once you have created your Cyberimpact account, importing members is the fastest way to start sending emails. However, it is important to follow the steps and format in order for everything to go smoothly.

That is why we decided to write this step-by-step tutorial to help you with this process.

Step 1: Create the file to import

Following a specific format, Cyberimpact can import CSV, TSV or TXT documents. For this tutorial, we will help you create your list using Microsoft Excel and save it as a CSV file.

Download the example file now


Your file may contain up to 12 columns, but only the first column is mandatory (e-mail).

Here is the description for each column:

A : Email: Mandatory. Pay attention to the format: account@mailer.com
B : Language: Pay attention to the format: en or fr
C : Gender: Pay attention to the format : m or f
D : First Name
E : Last Name
F to J : Custom Fields: > Learn more
K : Date of Birth: Pay attention to the format : aaaa-mm-jj
L : Zip / Postal Code: to preserve flexibility, there is no fixed format for this field

Important Instructions:

Enter one entry per line. If you do not use all columns, leave those for which you do not have the information empty.  It is important to leave the columns in the respectful order mentioned above.

Question : I want more columns. How can I do that?

For now, Cyberimpact does not allow you to have more than 5 custom fields.

> Learn how to use them

Step 2: Save your file in CSV

When your file is complete, select “File> Save As.” Give it a name and select “CSV (comma-) (*. Csv)” in the drop-down list “Type of file”.

You may receive a message concerning the number of sheets and / or format of your workbook. Click “Ok” and “Yes” to confirm the format for saving.


Step 3: Import the file in Cyberimpact

Back in Cyberimpact in the “Members> Import” page, click the “Browse” button and select the file you just created. Select the group or groups you want to add members to and check the box for terms and conditions. Click on “Import”.

The import will start, but you can continue to use Cyberimpact while it’s in progress. Upon completion, a window will appear with the following information:


  • Added emails: number of entries correctly imported.
  • Existing emails: number of entries already present in the system. If you added these members to several groups, they will still be updated.
  • Unsubscribed: number of entries who unsubscribed from your mailing list. These members will be ignored.
  • Technical problems: number of entries with an invalid email address. Invalid entries: number of lines that do not seem to follow the required format (eg no email address, wrong amount of fields, etc.).

When a button is displayed around the figure (eg Invalid entries above), you can download the entries to be corrected and imported once again.


Well done! We suggest you go and check your groups to ensure that the import gave the expected results.

Did you receive a message telling you that your list could not be imported?

It may be that you tried to import a purchased list, or if you are trying Cyberimpact for free, you have reached the maximum number of members allowed by the system (100 subscribers).

Contact our technical support for more information: 1 855-964-0868