At the Email Summit 2013, Jay Baer gave a fascinating conference about the similarities between Facebook and email marketing.

From this conference, we give you 10 tips to get Facebook and email marketing to work together efficiently.

Extract from the conference.  Click here, to view Jay Baer’s entire talk on Marketing Sherpa website.

Email Marketing and Facebook are not enemies!

77% of people prefer to receive email promotions. All other forms of promotional communication are far behind email. For example, Facebook collects only 4% (ExactTarget 2012).

Today, Facebook is mainly used by brands to increase the number of clients while 84% of a typical brand’s Facebook fans are existing customers (DDB 2011). Which indicates clearly that if they became fans of the brand’s page, it’s because they bought the product and not the other way around.

So, how can Facebook help with your brand?

Facebook is used to keep your brand at the top of your customers’ minds, and those who have agreed to receive news about your products or services. More generally, Facebook is used to create a relationship between your brand and your audience. In fact, this is pretty close to the definition of email marketing!

Madonna vs Lady Gaga

That is Jay Baer’s point. Facebook is the fashionable tool you use to help people keep your company at the top of their minds, which is exactly what email does. Email is widely misunderstood and considered old fashioned. Facebook against email is therefore like Lady Gaga against its original Madonna. If those contact points had the same purpose, then they should be involved in their return-on-investment increase.

Here are 10 easy ways to get clients :

– Add a link to like your Facebook page in your confirmation email for a newsletter subscription.

– The same principle is applicable for an unsubscribe page! In fact, it might be appropriate for some people to follow you on Facebook.

Email marketing

– People can be offered to subscribe to your newsletter through their Facebook or Google + account. Indeed, 77% of users prefer social login (Janrain 2012), which is way faster! We’ll also shortly add this functionality in our Cyberimpact system.

–  Use Facebook texts and images for your emails. Therefore, you may consider texts and images that have best opening rates or clicks in your emails. In Facebook, retrieve your wall’s communications that have the most of interactions. Also, if you’re advertising on Facebook Ads, you could use for your emails, listings and images that have best CTR.

– You can also share your fans’ posts or “likes” to feed your newsletters and email promotions.


– More generally, all information on your clients’ behaviour is usable for your email marketing. For instance, you can analyze in Facebook Insights, days and hours of your communications interactions. You could then know the perfect time to send your weekly newsletter.

– Add a subscription form in your Facebook page.

– We can also kill two birds with one stone by posting a form in promotions or communications on Facebook.

– Create active segments based on your subscribers’ social data. Send email promotions related to the social networks to be shared on Facebook. For instance, celebrate the umpteenth fan on your Facebook page by a promotion that could be shared with his/her network.

– Here is another more approximate way using Twitter. Create segments based on email addresses and their Klout score. For your information, this score will measure social media influence and activities of users. You could focus on communications or promotions on a more influential customers, and possibly offer free products or services tests.

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So, which solution would you use to get Facebook and email marketing involved?