A while ago I self-diagnosed myself with what I like to call creative ADD. This is not an actual condition, but to me it’s very real. It also explains my eclectic career path. I have not only switched jobs, I have switched careers, a few times already. I’ve waxed eyebrows as an esthetician, sat in a cubicle as a public servant, taught self-defense classes, and I’ve been an entrepreneur… I think you get the idea. I’ll spare you the agony of going through my resume. I swear sometimes my friends and family must’ve thought I was completely out of my mind.  And for the longest time I actually thought there was something wrong with me. I didn’t know why nothing felt like it fit. Why I couldn’t just conform to the norm and stay on the conveyor belt. Every time I moved to something new I felt relieved, that’s how I knew I should keep moving forward.

Sound familiar?  I know most creative types will be able to relate to this. I’m not just talking about the type of creativity that stimulates people to create a painting or a sculpture. I’m also talking about the kind of creativity that makes us unafraid of taking chances, challenge the status quo, think outside the box, in an all or nothing kind of way.

Most creative types tend to collect experiences, tuck them away in a box, and pull them out when the time is right. We can’t just focus on one thing, we like to dabble in everything. Which is why most entrepreneurs are, at their very core, creative people. Entrepreneurs enjoy getting their hands dirty, and getting in on the action. We are the ones around the poker table, bluffing or going all in, because we got bored of sitting at the table for too long. We have ants in our pants and we need to make things happen.

My experience as an entrepreneur has made me realize that working for an innovative, forward thinking company like Cyberimpact, is necessary for my well-being. And for me the icing on the cake is that Cyberimpact answers to the needs of Canadian small business owners.

A few months ago, when I started my job search, I created a vision board listing everything I wanted from an employer.  I wanted to work in a creative role. I wanted to surround myself with people that lift me up, recognise my strengths and help me grow. I wanted to connect with people through my work. I do my best work from the comfort of my couch and, my greatest ideas come to me in the shower, so obviously I needed flexibility.

Throughout the years, amidst the chaos of a few significant changes and moves, I had really taken an interest in blogging, photography and social media. My ideal career had become content creation, since it seemed to fulfill everything on my list. It seemed to quench my thirst for creativity. It took me years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up, and the moment had finally come. This was a breakthrough! I would be a Content Creator.

Lo and behold, a few months after my vision board had seen the light of day, Cyberimpact offered me a content creation position. The position and the company matches everything on my vision board.  The best part is that I have an amazing team. They are very passionate and competent. We are like-minded and complement each other’s strengths and creativity. Working at Cyberimpact has truly been a breath of fresh air.

Innovation has been part of the business theory for a long time.  The term “creative destruction” best describes that constant need for change and reinvention.  And I feel like that’s what Cyberimpact is all about.  They took the traditional world of marketing and designed a solution that works extremely well in today’s world of sales and marketing.  I also feel that truly understanding your clientele is essential to developing a great product, and providing exceptional service. And that is what makes them special above all else. They are a small Canadian business working for small Canadian businesses.

Whether you are a consultant, own a clothing store, or work in real estate, embrace your creative side. Business and creativity go hand in hand. Airlines wouldn’t exist today if one of the Wright’s brothers didn’t dream about making a metal tube fly through the air. When a business is born, someone, somewhere, had a vision. It’s about starting at point A, and creating point B, without knowing what will happen in between. And no matter how long you’ve been an entrepreneur, this is probably still part of your reality.  If you haven’t given email marketing a try, adapt your strategy, and give it a shot. I speak from experience, you won’t be disappointed.

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